The Big Nickel Site Updates
for 2017

31 December, 2017
  • Updated the site copyright to 2018 on the HomePort page.
  • Please let me know if you see something missing from the site (pictures, links not working, test that might be missing/screwy).  I've been having issues with my desktop and now my laptop and have had to resort to site backups and it's possible something has gone missing.
  • Have a safe and prospersous New Year and I hope to see a lot of new (and old) faces at the 2018 Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida.  If you are planning on attending the reunion and haven't yet done so, please take some time to fill out the 2018 Reunion Survey.
3 December, 2017
  • I have updated the Forums with the latest patch and it seems to have corrected the login problem.
  • I'm trying an option to display the site in the various languages of those nations who participated in the MMD (1964 - 1965).  You will need to select the language of interest on each page.  There are some spacing issues on some pages and other glitches that shouldn't cause a lot of problems (I hope).  As always, let me know if you see major problems.
  • There are some missing pictures on various pages throughout the site.  I'm working on restoring them.  I blame this on my primary desktop still being down and working from an older backup of the web software.
29 November, 2017
  • I've made a minor update to the Ship's Store page and to the order form.  I've added the Ship's Model to the order form.  I've also lowered the price on the black-and-white cups to $5 while they last.  These are the last of the cups that Carl Slack ordered for the 2009 Reunion.  I only have a few left and won't be ordering anymore when they're gone.
1 November, 2017
  • I have posted the November, 2017 Big Nickel Newsletter on the Newsletter page.  I will be sending it out in email later today for those who don't visit the site very often (if ever).
  • I've added a photo of the invite sent to crew members for the decommissioning of the ship.  You can find it on the Ship's Documents page.  The photo is courtesy of SM2 John Gradel (3/87 - 10/89).
27 September, 2017
  • I have added a button to take you to a page lising shipmates who have invalid email addresses in the website registered database.  If you have not received a recent email from me then please check the list and see if your name is on it.
24 September, 2017
  • If you haven't noticed, the navigation menu bar has been modified somewhat.  I've added a button for the Ship's Store for easier access.  I've also rearranged the order of some of the drop downs.
18 August, 2017
  • I now accept credit card information for Ship's Store purchases and any donations towards The Big Nickel website.  I have updated both the Ship's Store Order and the website donation forms to allow you to select your card type (Visa, MC, American Express or Discover) and enter your information. 
29 July, 2017
  • Updated the 2018 Hotel Room Reservation page Room Reservation button with the link to our special room reservation page provided by the hotel.
  • I seem to be having issues with viewing the videos on the Video page.  Things work when I test them locallly, but from the site itself.  I'm investigating.  If you are also having problems (or even if you aren't) please notify me at my Captain Kirk email address.  It will help me investigation.
27 June, 2017
  • I have updated the 2018 Reunion page to include the Reunion Registration Form and the hotel room reservation information.  Note that if your Reunion Registration form is in by 1 April, 2018, you will be entered into a drawing for a free junior suite (4 days) or an upgrade to a junior suite at the $99/night rate.
  • Note that you need to make your hotel reservations by 8 April, 2018 to obtain the DDG-5 Crewmembers Association discount.
12 June, 2017
  • Sadly added BT2 Thomas Suchocki to the Crew Taps page.  Tom was a member of the MMD crew.
27 May, 2017
23 May, 2017
  • Sadly added FC2 John Alan Padget to the Crew Taps page.  If you have any further information about John, please contact me.
14-18 May, 2017
  • I've been making some minor/cosmetic changes to the site.  Removing/moving/modifying some of the buttons, setting the link to the 2018 Reunion page in the countdown, and some other things in preperation of some updates that I'm planning.  As always, let me know if you have any issues or problems.
  • I've updated the Forum software from version 2.0.13 to 2.0.14.  Let me know if you have any problems or issues.
5 May, 2017
  • Sadly added OS2 Paul Charles Dolan to the Crew Taps page.  Paul served onbaord from 1973 - 1977 and retired a Command Master Chief.
3 May, 2017
  • Added a "Newsletters" button to the home page for easier navigation.  Removed the 2016 wrapup and state of the Adams buttons.  These pages can be found under the appropriate main site navigation buttons.
2 May, 2017
  • Added the latest newsletter (May 2017) to the Newsletter page.  I have decided to no longer email the newsletter since there are so many invalid email addresses for registered shipmates (nearly 500).  I will post information about the newsletter release in the Facebook group as well as updating the Site Updates.
1 May, 2017
  • Sadly added BM2 William "Bill" R. Kilbride to the Crew Taps page.  Bill served on board from 1981 to 1985.
26 March, 2017
  • I've made some security updates to the site over the past few days.  You shouldn't see any difference other than in seeing "https://" in the address bar of your browser.  You may also see a popup when logging in saying something to the effect that your connection may not be secure.  Just click on continue as the password is actually encrypted.  Let me know if you see any problems, issues or have any questions.
19 March, 2017
  • Realized that I have some errors in the 2018 Reunion Survey results so have temporarily disabled the links to the survey and the results.
  • Fixed (most) of the issues so have reactivated the links.
18 March, 2017
  • Updated the 2018 Reunion page with buttons for a 2018 reunion survey, survey results, a very, VERY tentative reunion schedule, reunion registration form and reunion hotel information.  The later two buttons just take you to information pages indicating that the registration form and hotel room reservation information won't be available until later this year.
24 February, 2017
  • I have included a new navigation button on the Home Port page taking you to a description of a DDG-5 Crewmember Phone Book that is currently in development.  Please read through the verbage on the page and take time to update/confirm your registration data.  You can do this by pressing the "How To Check/Update Your Registration Info" button on the Home Port page and reading how to do it.
18 February, 2017
  • Finally replenished the 15oz photo coffee mug in the ship's store.  Unfortunately I had to increase the cost by $2 to cover the inflation costs.
2 February, 2017
  • Sadly updated the Taps Page with BT2 William Turner.  Bill served on board from 9/65 - 9/68.
6 January, 2017
  • Finally added the latest newsletter, which is way, WAY overdue.  No excuses.