Last Name First Name Last Tour Division Rank/Rate MMD Crew? Country Comment Deceased?
Acosta Carlos March 1977 To June 1979 Supply SK3 No US Started out in Deck along with Angel Mendez, Ruben Barcelo, Carrico, Aguilar. Went to Supply Div, after making SN with SKC Pullen, SK1 McDaniel, SK1 (LCDR) Joe Sarimento No
Adams Michael November 1973 To June 1977 B BT 2 No US I had a great time on the Claude V. Ricketts three Med Cruises, a Ship Yard Overhaul, Battle Refresher Training in GITMO, Belknap rescue, Transited the Suez Cannel, crossed the Equator and was privileged to served with the best. “My Shipmates”. No
Alexander George Febuary 1965 To July 1967 E Em3 Yes US I came on boaard to replace one of the Turks Feb 65. best move I've made. Came off Shanandoa AD 26 and wanted to travel!!! Great move. Made good friends, would love to hear from anyone from MMD. No
Allison Gregory July 1962 To November 1964 R RM3 Yes US Was an honor serving on the USS Biddle/Claude V. Ricketts. Placed her into commission both times and was in the Cuban crises too.Was blessed to serve under my skipper and friend No
Amundson Mark June 1976 To September 1979 E IC2 No US No
Anderson Ted Febuary 1970 To Febuary 1971 E ICFN No US My time was short because I asked for and recieved a humanitarian transfer to WestPac.I served aboard the USS Ticonderoga CVS 14 and made IC2. I most remember our trip down to the carribean and to Gitmo on a training cruise after our stay at the ship No
Archer carroll March 1969 To May 1972 Fox GMM3 No US No
armstrong rex January 1962 To November 1966 M MM1 Yes US looking to meet up with old shipmates No
Armstrong David March 1985 To June 1988 AS STG1 No US No
Ash John May 1980 To June 1984 ASW LT No US No
Atkinson Cola June 1982 To January 1985 OE CWO3 No US No
Babin James December 1967 To March 1971 OC RM1 No US Great ship, great crew and great memories! No
Bailey David January 1976 To September 1978 OI SM3 No US Harry Burton was the best supervisor ever, Mike Tuck was pretty good also. Best experience of a lifetime, especially being 17 years old and hanging out with all the Old Salts on a Med Cruise. No
Bailey brent June 1987 To June 1989 M MM2 No US No
Baker Gary Febuary 1977 To July 1979 Supply MSSN No US My time onboard was the highlight of my young life but I just did not know it and take advantage of it the way I should have. I was very proud to have served my country during this non-war period right after Vietnam and I obtained a great tradeoff cooking and baking and use that today. To this day I miss those days especially at sea where I feel God's presence in his massive creation and still to this day enjoy the high seas and being around the water and oceans. I miss the comraderie of my shipmates and the tours of other countries we visited and the times we crossed the Equator. I'm 55 years old now and I think about those days a lot and am back in the Norfolk area living now after my son was in and married out here. I would have loved to see the ship again. "Anchors Away" No
Baker Rodney - Month - 1970 To January 1975 FOX GMM2 No US No
Baker Dennis January 1968 To May 1973 Fox GMM2 No US No
Bals Eugene June 1960 To july 1963 2nd Mt3 No US Came aboard just after launch. Part of the commisssioning crew at NY Shipbuilding in Camden, NJ. Worked with General Dynamics & others on installation of Tartar missle systems. I was scheduled to be married on October 27, 1962 and was packing for No
Bamberg Till Son of To Member No No Yes Germany I was not a crew Member, but my father was. Christian Bamberg. I just want to know, what the Life was on the ship and I want to contact people who severd with my father, because he passed away in 1995. No
BANGO TERRY August 1980 To June 1984 R HT3 No US I checked on the ship when they came back from the gulf 1980 as an Sa 1st div then made Fn then Ht3 I went R-div. then reenlisted after the Beruit deployment and went to Non-destructive testing school then went to the USS Fulton AS11. Then to New London Submarine base then got out in Sept 1989. No
Barker David ??? 1976 To ??? 1977 OI SN No US What can i say about the friends and experiences I had on the CVR. I came on board just after dry dock refitting and before the 77 cruise. The ship had a hefty schedule the next 2 years. I feel lucky I saw lots of ports and made lots of friends. I No
Barnhart James Mar 1967 To June 1970 FOX FTM3 Yes US Sailing on the CVR was one of greatest things I did in my life and I still have fond memories of my shipmates. I have always been proud to say I served in the Navy on the CVR. No
Bassford Ben November 1963 To November 1964 1st FT 3 No US Not sure of the exact porch your day. I was not part of the mixed crew was transferred just before that. I was on board when the ship was change from Biddle Do not recall the div No
Bates Stanley July 1969
June 1970
E EM2 No US No
Batt Peter December 1979 To July 1982 1st BM3 No US No
Beachler Michael May 1982 To June 1985 Bang Gang FTG2 No US I have never come close to finding the camaraderie that this ship possessed. I will always remember my brothers from this ship. GOFRIT No
Beaudoin Richard November 1975 To October 1978 OR RM1 No US The Big Nickel was my first shipboard assignment. Remember the night I reported aboard. It was the night of November 22nd, 1975. A night I will never forget. Later while in the shipyards in Philadelphia, lo and behold the USS BELNAP was also there. No
Beckett Ronald March 1964 To December 1967 E IC1 Yes US the farther back it gets, the better it seems. No
Bell Jim Febuary 1970 To January 1972 M MM1 No US My first 1200 psi main propulsion. Had a lot to learn. Retired as a MMC. No
Berky Gregory November 1980 To Febuary 1983 Weps GMM3 No US No
Bettoney Robert October 1984
November 1988
Fox GMM1 No US Yes
Bidwell Jack ??? 1963 To ??? 1964 Supply SKC No US Submited retirement request when mixed manned crew reported aboard. No
Blake Francis March 1987 To September 1989 Fox Division FC1 No US Was Fox Division LPO while my time onboard.......worked with a great Fox Division FC'S and wonderful experiences including the Ship's DECOMM CREW. No
Blevins Robert November 1985 To August 1989 1st BM3 No US No
Bonacci Gregory July 1978 To March 1981 Fox GMM2 No US No
Bonorden Darrell Febuary 1987 To October 1989 B BT3 No US Was on the Clause V Ricketts from February 87- October 89. Worked in forward fireroom B1. Decommissioned her in October 89 in Norfolk Va. Went on to retire as a BT1/MM1 in 2003. No
Bourdagha Robert - Month - 1964 To - Month - 1966 2nd YN3 Yes US No
Boyd James October 1975 To May 1980 B BT2 No US No
Boyd Joel Aug 1975 To Jul 1979 Admin PN2 No US Personnelman onboard, worked for Chief Ben Delaney and Chief Smith. Captain Powers, Captain King Belknap/Kennedy Collision 2 Med Cruises South American Cruise GITMO Philly Naval Shipyards No
Bracero Miguel December 1975 To August 1979 G GMG3 Yes US No
Brent MJ - Month - 1979 To - Month - 1981 E IC3 No US Remember me! I'm the guy they tried to blame the fire in the IC Room on!!! Idiots!!! Other than that, GOOD TIMES!! No
Bressler Neal November 1961 To March 1966 OE ETN2 Yes US Really great to be part of the only ship to be decommissioned and recommissioned on the same day. Had a great time on board. No
Brock William 1985 Unitas To Desron 36 OPS OSCS No US Assign Desron 36 as staff CICO / Command Senor Chief during Unitas Curise of 1985, had a great time especially with the guys in aft CPO Qtrs, very good shellback crossing. No
Brown KEENAN - Month - 1981 To - Month - 1983 B BT3 No US NATO No
Brown Douglas April 1970 To January 1973 E EM2 No US miss the great card games No
Brown Charlie ??? 1964 To June 1967 OI RD1 Yes US Plank owner. We did prove that an Adams class frigate will operate just fine with a crew of 165. I loved the challange! No
Brown Knox March 1981
July 1981
A MM2 No US Picked up the Ricketts in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Dry Dock #2 on 1/2/1978. Sailed on her through the gulf in '79 and with StaNavForLant until my EAOS in 7/81. I have one of your missing cruise books. One of my grandsons has signed up for JRNROTC because of my career that was cut short in '84. Maybe someday he'll join me at a reunion. No
Brown Bruce November 1970 To March 1974 M MM3 No US Guantanamo Bay 1970 Mediterranean 1971 North Atlantic 1972 Mediterranean 1973 What a blast 28 countries. No
Browy Michael - Month - 1979 To - Month - 1980 FOX FTM3 No US My short time aboard (might have been a little later than I indicated) I worked with great guys while on patrol in the Persian Gulf during the hostage crisis just after Anwar Sadat was assassinated. Don’t remember everybody but my W/C Supe was Joe Buggy. Learned a lot while on board and walked on to my second ship as THEIR W/C supe! I am still loyal to the Navy and all of the crew members I served with. I was aboard during the time we had A6 intruders dropping practice ordinance in our wake. One pilot crashed into the gulf off our port side while attempting a victory roll after a successful run. It was a sad day and I participated in the post crash investigation as I was an eyewitness to the accident. We lost a Commander that day with a wife and 3 kids. He was the pilot. No
Brumley James unknown 1986 To September 1989 1st SA No US Haze grey & underway .. forget 'daylight' liberty. No
Buck Edward September 1981 To June 1984 b BTFN No US Even she was a small boy she was the best ship in the navy. there was no other one that could mach her pound for pound. No
Buck Lloyd Sep 1963 To July 1964 OC ETN3 No US Great med cruise. Missed out in the mixed crew cruise since I was being discharged from service. No
Burdick Lester Febuary 1962 To October 1963 2nd MT3 No US On the commisssioning crew in Camden, NJ. Worked with General Dynamics & others on installation of Tartar missle systems. No
Burke James April 1979 To June 1981 Admin YN3 No US Lil Bit No
Burns Roy oct 1975 To may 1980 r MM2 No US No
Butler Michael July 1982 To November 1985 OI OS3 No US It was a very important time in my life. No
Butler Mark September 1975 To December 1978 OE ETR2 No US These were the best and worst times of my life. The best because of the people I met and worked with and the travel. 2 Med cruises and a cruise to S. America. The worst because I was so far away from those I loved. No
Byrd William August 1983 To December 1986 OI OS3 No US No
Byrd Larry October 1966 To August 1969 FOX GMM3 No US My memories of time on DDG5 are very important to me. CVR was top notch Ship. Our crew worked together. DDG5 could respond to any threat or action needed by America. I am proud of serving on the Claude V. Ricketts No
Cain Richard April 1965 To April 1967 Sonar STG2 No US No
Canas Rod Sept 1971 To Sept 1974 G GMG3 No US Had great tour,only 1 sad day was on my 1st cruise we lost CPO Sutton over the side.Have some pics of the 2 men that tried to save him getting awards.Made 2 Caribeann Cruises,North Atlantic,& Med Cruise during the 73 Arab Israel conflict.Had some gr No
Caplan Morris July 1984 To January 1987 Supply LTjg No US First ship. What can I say. Still on active duty. I still tell more sea stories about UNITAS 1985 than about the rest of my 27 year career combined. I loved the RICKETTS and served with some great men during my tour. No
Carlson Bradley March 1982
June 1986
E EM2 No US I never worked so hard, played so hard or laughed so much. I have fond memories of those years and my shipmates. No
Carney Mark June 1982 To January 1986 B BT2 No US No
Carrico Mark January 1977 To January 1981 1 ST BM2 No US No
Caruana Gerald - Month - 1973 To - Month - 1976 A EN3 No US A-Gang rocked, 2 Med Cruises, 1 Gitmo Cruise Buddy system w/Tom Morgan No
Case Mark December 1981 To July 1985 Nav QM2 No US GITMO, Med Cruise 83-84, certainly interesting times. Glad I got to experience service with Capt. McKechnie. Very glad to know fellow crewmen from back in the day. No
Cauble Gerald ??? 1977 To ??? 1980 OI OS2 No US No
Cavinee Paul ??? ???? To ??? 1975 Admin E4 Yes US This was a good experience as a Navy Yeoman No
Celotto Richard Sep 1974 To Dec 1977 M LTJG No US One never forgets your first ship. As a brand new ensign and division officer, it was a shock when I reported aboard to serve in the Engineering Department, with the ship in overhaul at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and the first thing the Chief Engineer No
Chalmers Robert October 1966 To July 1970 G FTG2 No US No
Chamberlain Robert June 1966 To May 1968 OI, E YN3 No US No
chapman roger July 1969 To Febuary 1971 supply sksn No US No
Cheney Mike november 1975 To sept 1979 1st BM3 No US within the first 2 months I was captain's mast by the 2nd year I was being Court Marshaled. I hung in there did my 4 years and got a HD. I learned how to trust men I would never expect to. I learned the begining tenets of true masclinity. As tough as No
Christakos Van November 1967 To December 1968 Fox GMM3 No US No
Churko James August 1964 To January 1965 2nd GMGSN Yes US Only on board for a few months then transfered to USS Putnam DD757. Yes
ciecirski edward January 1969 To August 1970 1st sa No US I would like to touch base with any one who served in the same time frame as I No
Clark Sean July 1983 To July 1985 Ops smsn No US What a ride. I stayed in trouble most of the time but I sure enjoyed my time on the big nickel No
Clarke Larry Jan 1976 To Jan 1978 E EM3 No US The best two years of my time in the Navy. (And the Army) No
Clay Marshall April 1976 To October 1979 E EM2 No US No
Click Rodney Febuary 1983 To December 1985 G FTGC No US Best crew I ever served with. The best NGFS team I ever had the opportunity to train. They could put a five inch round on a marble at twenty-four thousand yards, Thank you FTG's, OS', QM's, GMG's and topside personnel for your precise calculations and pride. And least I forget the entire crew for your support. The engineers, the BMs, Cooks, supply personnel and Officers all got us there and supported us throughout our missions and those sometimes long GQs for gunnery. No
Clore Frank June 1973 To August 1976 E HT3 No US I sent my comments to Mike, the historian. No
Clyne Charles March 1978 To December 1982 OC QM2 No US No
Coffman Charles August 1977 To June 1981 1st BM3 No US Would like to have contact with anyone that served on the Ricketts between August 1977 and June 1981. No
Coker Steve August 1977 To November 1982 E IC3 No US Blind Man's Deli at the shipyard in Philly. A great city to be in for the yards. Lots of great port visits. Back to back Nato cruises in 81. High marks for the crew at Gitmo. Iranian hostage cruise was a rough one. Officers not good, but the enlisted No
Cole James March 1985 To August 1988 OI OS2 No US Was my first ship, worked hard and played hard. The best start of my Navy career. They say your first ship have some impact on you and I agree. The foundation of over 21 years of service. No
Coleman James January 1975 To October 1977 Navigation HMC No US No
Collier Charles Febuary 1962 To - Month - - Year - OI ETR2 No US Plank owner -- shake down cruise -- transferred before going to Canada No
Collins Bill August 1983 To March 1987 SS02 MS3 No US Being that the old Claude V. was my first assignment I must say it was a memorable one, I saw the world on board her. No
Connors Tom feb 1962 To aug 1966 1st BM 1 Yes US No
Cooke Isaac January 1978 To July 1980 Supply SK2 No US It was an adventure to sail the seas for most and hell to some, must say we had the best gunners maintenance of guided missile launching systems, and ready to engage. {Stable Mable was my friend} No
Cote Craig June 1981 To June 1983 NX HM2 No US North Atlantic cruise being assigned to SNFL was the best deployment I ever went on. No
Coulon Henry September 1963 To November 1966 E EM1 Yes US No
Cowman Craig March 1983 To June 1984 Supply DK2 No US No
Craig Richard ??? 1980 To ??? 1984 G GMG3 No US No
Critelli Jack January 1971 To June 1974 OI E4 No US No
Cronauer Howie July 1979 To June 1981 Suppo LCDR No US No
Cross Daniel March 1976 To October 1978 E div EM3 No US No
Crozier Edward May 1964 To May 1965 B BT1 Yes US Whow my first 1200 pound ACC Dtype boiler ship What a trip No
Curtis William ??? 1964 To ??? 1967 B BT 2 Yes US Best ship I ever served on. No
Curtis Edward July 1983 To August 1988 B BTC No US Yes
d'Alessio Robert June 1964
- Month - 1965
2nd Division LT Yes US No
Dalfonso Nicola - Month - 1964 To - Month - 1965 Engineering BT3 Yes Italy it was the best time of my life. I will never forget !!! No
Dautreuil Darren December 1987 To August 1989 1st BM3 No US No
Dawkins James November 1986 To January 1991 S DK1 No US Payday's were just too busy. No
De Perio Rudy November 76 To September 80 OI OS2 No US No
Dell Ed March 1982 To March 1986 E EM3 No US No
Denson Toby September 1987 To October 1989 Administration YN3 No US Got on board just in time for (September) Med Cruise 87-88. Stayed on board and part of the Decommissioning Crew until October 89. No
DeRouen Amos March 1968
August 1968
OC Rm3 No US The 3 years spent on board the CVR are very memorable years..... Enjoyed the shipboard life and all the traveling ..... No
Dibble Rollin September 1961 To March 1964 OI ETR2 No US I was the first crew member to report for duty on the USS Biddle at Phil Pa. She was in the ship yards at Camden NJ. I'm a plank owner and was responsible for the AN/SPS 39 radar. No
Dickinson Brian August 1979 To July 1982 OE ET2 No US No
Dilts Raymond May 1987 To Oct 1989 OC SM3 No US I was honored and privledged to be one of the very few in the United States Navy to serve Father-Son duty aboard the U.S.S. Claude V. Ricketts... The pinnacle of my naval career. No
Dinger Jerry March 1972 To January 1973 OI SN No US I was a SN during my time on the Claude V Ricketts from 1972 to 1973. I was a Boatswain Mate and received initial hospital corpsman training working in Sick Bay. I was the sent on to Hospital Corpsman School at Great Lakes. During my tour we were on a NATO North Atlantic cruise and received our Blue Nose for crossing the Arctic Circle. I current live in Cherry Hill, NJ No
Disbro Tom Feb 1985 To May 1988 E LT No US UNITAS cruise in 1985, Med cruise 1987-1988 No
Dodgion Carl ??? 1965 To ??? 1968 B BT2 No US Came aboard when Mixed Manning was ending from "A" school in Great Lakes. Served in aft fireroom first then moved forward. Worked for BT1 Aldridge and BT2 Bridgeman. Also served on USS Mazama AE-9. Met a lot of great friends on the nickel! No
Dolan Michael November 1968 To March 1972 Michael Dolan BT3 No US Reported on-board Nov. 1968, after completing BT A School in GLAKES. Assigned to the Aft Fireroom. Completed ACC School in Newport, RI. Cruises: Springboard, two Med cruises and a North Atlantic cruise. Conversion from Heavy Fuel Oil to #2 Fuel Oil. No
Dominguez Clement June 1964 To April 1966 Navigation QM3 Yes US I will comment once I think about it. No
Douglas Jonathon April 1985 To January 1987 Supply SN No US No
Dowler Eric December 1986 To April 1989 2ND GMG1 No US No
Doyals Ted - Month - 1970 To - Month - 1973 B BT1 No US No
DOYLE MIKE ??? 1976 To ??? 1980 SUPPLY SK2 No US No
DUNBAR JEROME September 1973 To March 1974 ODS SN No US No
Durning Kevin March 1982 To April 1985 OI OS2 No US No
Edwards Jerry Feb 1969 To Nov 1970 OC RM2 No US Great Lakes 1964, Radioman A School then Navcomsta Morocco. Served on USS Charles H. Roan DD853 and then USS Claude V. Ricketts. Enjoyed my Navy tours and stayed in Tidewater VA. No
Edwards JMichael January 1986 To October 1988 Fox GMM2 No US No
Ely Terry May 1979 To June 1982 Fox FTM3 No US No
Emmert Jerry September 1976 To October 1979 B po3 No US No
Ensworth Jay ??? 1979 To ??? 1985 A MM2 No US No
Entrot David ??? 1972 To ??? 1975 E BT3 No US No
Essig Udo June 1964 To December 1965 BT BT 2 Yes US All what I can say, I had a good time and it was a great experience, which I never forgot. No
Evans Gregory ??? 1977 To ??? 1981 B BT3 No US We had some good times, "haze gray and underway" No
Faciane Juan Dec 1986 To Aug 1989 AS STG2 No US I regret transferring off of her before she was decommisoned. Had a great time on that ship, trouble was I was too young to know I was having a great time. She was rusty and breaking down by the time I left, but it was still a great couple of years No
Fancher Michael January 1976 To January 1978 R HT3 No US No
fanning David March 1967 To January 1969 FOX FTM2 No US No
Farrar Gary - Month - - Year - To - Month - - Year - Fox FC1 No US No
Farthing Derek May 1975 To Febuary 1977 OI OS3 No US I held the position of the CIC-Bridge S/P phone talker when CIC passes that they hold the Belknap and Kennedy closing in on each other...Fleetac speaker spurred out, "Belknap, this is Kennedy over!" Immediate concern went out because of the use of plain names with a Soviet tattle tail "in formation". Next CIC passes through me, that they hold the Belknap & Kennedy merged. All bridge hands' feet and eyes shot over to the Stbd bridge wing...There in the distant, I saw, I reported back to CIC, "There's a large explosion...,they've collided!" Thus began a night which can never be forgotten. DLF No
Featherston Ron January 1977 To August 1979 G FTG3 No US Good memories of my time on the CVR. Most of my tour was spent in gun plot, after-steering watch, and roving patrol. Would love to hear from anyone who served with me. No
Ferrera Bill July 1967 To August 1970 AS STG2 No US No
Fessler Paul October 1968 To October 1969 R SF3 No US Had a great time on the claude v. in R division. No
Figueroa Channy July 1986 To September 1988 1st bmsn No US I had a grat time on board my chief was chief lovett No
Fitzgerald Edward September 1969 To June 1971 MPA LTjg No US Was a privilege to know the hard-working men of M & B division. And a great wardroom. Many memories, especially Med cruise in 1971(Finale Ligure,...) and at Gitmo before that. Met my future wife (now of over 43 years) while aboard in Norfolk; she was a Navy nurse, outranked me then, and says she still does. Hello and best wishes to anyone who served when I did. No
Flinder Juergen June 1963 To December 1965 1 st SN FGN Yes Germany Es war eine lehrreiche Zeit ,mit guter Kameradschaft zwischen den verschiedenen Nationen !Ich m?chte diese Zeit nicht missen ! No
Flowers Dale January 1968 To March 1970 OI RD1 No US Served one tour, deployed twice on USS Ricketts. Went aboard an RD2, left an RD1. Subsequent tours were: CLG-5 as RD1, EW"A" RD1, OS1, EW1 CVA-19 as EW1-EWC, FF-1071 as EWC, FTG Pearl Harbor as EWC(SW), CincPacFlt as EWCS(SW)-CWO2, FFG-9 as CWO2-LTjg, NTTC Corry CTM"A" & EW"A" as LTjg-LT and CG-55 as LT. Retired in 1991. No
flowers william March 1977 To July 1980 b bt3 No US No
Foley Les September 1972 To March 1974 Navigation Qm3 No US Served under Capt. Donovan on the Furse, Then XO on Ricketts was Claude V. III No
FOLINO Giuseppe September 1964 To December 1965 M MM3 Yes Italy It was the most beautiful and grandiose period of my young life. 20 years from a small country with little knowledge of the world, which suddenly opened and allowed me to experience the greatest experience that a boy could dream. Command and direction of the splendid ship., Marvelous superiors. Thanks C. V. Ricketts. I greet with affection those who still are, be it American, English, German, Greek, Dutch- A big hug !!!! No
Fontenot Christian January 1987 To June 1989 AS STG3 No US After being out of the navy since 93, I really miss the guys on the Rickets more than any other station that I have been too. We had some great times!! No
Ford Ben December 1976 To November 1979 E EM3 No US Thanks No
Foresman Charles June 1981 To May 1985 ASW STG2 No US It really is such a pleasure to connect with a lot of my former shipmates this way. I've looked at lot of your Facebook pages and so forth, only to marvel at how many different paths our lives took after the service. I always look back at the chapter of life which had us all together on the old Cluade V. and remember the good and bad times. I got into a good old fashioned union job in the retail food business which I still loving working in today. Even though I stayed in a simpler work place environment, at home, I`d much rather be a full time student. I carry the same level of respect and admiration for each and everyone of you the same as I did when our lives all depended on each other in serving our country. Let Freedom Ring!!!! No
Forsythe William Mar 87 To Oct 89 M MM3 No US No
Fowell Richard January 1971 To September 1971 F GMM3 No US Wish I'd been a little more mature at the time. Too young to appreciate what we had going for us. Transferred to the USS Albany after the Med Cruise, CG-10. Awarded the Navy Marine Corp Medal for my attempt to rescue the Chief that had been washed overboard during the storm off Cape Hatteras. (I had only been married for two weeks at the time.) Then shore duty at Jax Naval Air Station, discharged in June, '73. Best memories: When we went right thru the middle of the Russian Fleet. Pissed them off pretty good. Also, the missile shoot when the missile malfunctioned and self destructed. What a light show that was!!! No
Fox Allan Janary 1984 To December 86 OC Radioman 1st No US I picked up the Ricketts in January 1984 off the coast of Beruit. I got there by C-141, then C-130, then CH-53, then CH-46, the the gig from Guadalcanal to Ricketts. My time was good...Many ups and downs and good and bad....I will always remember be No
Franko John January 1966 To March 1968 OE ETN3 No US No
Frink Herbert December 1970 To May 1974 OI RD2 No US No
Frisbie James October 1976 To January 1980 AS TM2 No US There was no better men or crew that i would ever want to serve with as the Claude V Ricketts. They were the best days of my life No
Fronning Bryan October 1987 To October 1989 Fox FC3 No US Proud decom crew plankowner and 39 Radar Tech here. Many good times on the last cruise of the mighty Claude V. No
Fry Larry - Month - 1968 To - Month - 1969 OI RD2 No US I served on board 68-71 Radarman 2nd. When I separated from ship March of 1971 the cruisebooks were not completed and I never received one. Would like to have one to have copy of or digital copy. No
Fuerstenberger Harry March 1968 To Febuary 1970 E IC2 No US No
Fuller Phillip Aug 1982 To July 1985 M MMCM No US When I was Aboard went to Beruit Oct 1983-Apr 1984.The ship had an outstanding crews on it. Was one of the finest ship I ever serve on. No
Gallaher Victor January 1977 To January 1979 NAV HM3 No US One hellova f*#king ride, bros! Medicine's my game, enjoyin' da bennies of naval trippin' kept me sane. Frodo's death bummed me, but, da A-Gangers helped drive out the demons and replace 'em with happy mind places. Ferd, Tim, and Faggot, You bloods knew how ta party! Served with two chief P.O.'s. One cool, Coleman, one ,ahh, not too! (Yak). Anyway, The Sh#t was a kick in da ass! No
Garill Christopher ??? 1963 To ??? 1964 OI ET3 No US Can't remember exactly when I was aboard, but I was on board for he ORI off of Cuba and the Med cruise '63 - 64. We were passing Gibraltar when we got the news of JFK's death. No
Garland Leonard June 1962 To July 1964 S DK2 Yes US Paid travel claims for crew that made up first crew. Started the conversion of pay for mixed crew. No
Gaume Thomas May 1983 To June 1985 2nd FC2 No US No
Germick Todd June 1983 To January 1986 NAV QM3 No US No
Ghersi Elio May 1962 To October 1964 r mm3 Yes US No
GIEHM CHUCK January 1975 To August 1980 R HT2 No US My first ship. Many fond memories,many sad ones too. No
Gildea Jim Nov 1965 To Dec 1967 MPA Lt No US No
Gillispie Howard Jun 1965 To Jul 1970 FOX FTM1 No US No
Gilman Brian December 1980 To May 1984 M MM3 No US No
Gimma Joseph ??? 1978 To ??? 1981 E CDR No US No
Gogan Roger November 1988 To October 1989 X PN3 No US One of three PN's in the ship's personnel office and part of the DECOM crew. I recall a 10-day workup for a cruise that was planned in late 1989 where CVR was part of the IOWA battle group (during Iowa's accident) heading to the Roosevelt Roads Operating area. CVR broke down and stopped in Charleston for about 5 days before returning home. No
Golden Jay August 1964 To October 1964 OI CTSN Yes US Reported aboard 08/64 and at the captain's interview CDR Fortson said "you belong in a computer installation" so off I went to PAMILANTFLT for the balance of my 24 months, getting out as MA3. Fascinating to serve with folks speaking other languages on board what was then a 3-year old beautiful ship. No
Goodall David January 1970 To January 1971 Fox FTM1 No US The Ricketts was my last of three ships and my first destroyer. I had spent five years on two cruisers. Most of my time aboard was spent in dry dock, and followed by a shakedown cruise. I was medevaced to Roosevelt Roads, sent on to the hospital in Chelsea, MA. I was discharged from there. I remember having a locker in Fox Div. that had been used by a Greek sailor during the MMC. I know this because he wrote a record of all his paydays in drachmas on the inside of the locker door. No
goodwin john November 1984 To September 1989 G GMG2 No US No
Gordon Richard May 1967 To May 1970 as gm2 No US No
gorham chris September 1981 To - Month - - Year - r ht2 No US I joined the cruise in Sept of 81 in Germany and was in dry dock and gitmo then I went to AD-44 USS Shenandoah No
Gould Gerald August 1963 To September 1964 OI RDSA No US Came aboard right out of A School into OI Division just in time for a Med cruise, she was still the USS Biddle at the time. I was aboard for the decommissioning of the Biddle and commissioning of the USS Claude V Ricketts. I have been wondering if that makes me a plank owner??? I was transferred in Sept or Oct of 1964, hard to remember such details so many years later, to the USS Semmes DDG 18 out of Charleston SC No
Gradel John Nov 1980 To Jul 1984 OC SM2 No US Back to back STANAVFORLANTS in 1981. The Fjords in Norway. Gitmo. Beirut. A great ship with a great crew. Matt Walton and other shipmates send an email. No
Graham Junius March 1964 To September 1964 E FN Yes US Some good, some bad, all interesting! No
Graham Floyd June 1962 To October 1964 R SFP3 Yes US No
Grant Edward Sep 1964 To Jan 1966 OE ETR2 Yes US Really enjoyed the MMD. Working and playing with sailors from many countries was fantastic, especially singing with Friedhelm Kahre and the Blaue Jungs von der Waterkant. No
Gray Richard Nov 1966 To Nov 1968 First BM3 No US Was the boat coxswain for Captain Mullane and officers.And while we where Com Des Div 262 under Capt. Glaser.Looking for old shipmates. No
GREEK KEN Febuary 1984 To August 1986 B BT3 No US No
Grieco Anthony June 1980 To May 1983 OC, OI, OPS LT No US No
Griffin Blair July 1975 To July 1977 OI OS3 No US It was fun, saw a lot, had a great time No
Gullion Jerry September 1986 To October 1989 OE ET2 No US No
Gummo Michael March 1974 To July 1980 Fox FTM1 No US No
Hackett Timothy Jan 1977 To Aug 1981 FOX FTM2 No US No
Hale J May 1979 To Febuary 1983 OC SM2 No US Motor whaleboat signalman for downed pilot in eastern MED. His A-6 was in pieces and we found a lung. One MED / I.O. cruise (Iranian hostage crisis) underway 7 Nov 79 thru 28 Jan 80. Shellback (special case for calling Moby Dick a minnow and breaking an egg on XO's head on wogs revenge day). He chuckled and called me an s.o.b. on the ASROC deck. LOL Traveled as far as Karachi, Pak. Two NATO cruises. Bluenose. Traveled as far as Tromso, Nor. Up river to Bordeaux, Fran. Harborfest NYC 4 Jul 80 met love of my life then and there (still happily married 35 years later). It was an honor to served aboard a taut ship and squared away crew with some real class acts, some great guys, and some knuckleheads. You know who you are. LOL Hey to Mike Tuck, Mario Roberts, Happy Harry Burt No
Hale Eric December 1980 To July 1984 Fox GMM2 No US No
Hale Jerry July 1975 To July 1978 OC RMC No US No
Hall Stephen January 1987 To June 1989 OC RM1 No US I can that out of the five ships I served on in the U.S. Navy, this one was the worst for me. Both on a personal and professional level. For those who served with me know what those issues were. But I made it through it, and do have a few good memories from the time I served aboard the Ricketts. No
HAMMOCK CHRISTOPHER June 1964 To December 1965 R SF1 Yes United Kingdom No
Hamstra Nico January 1964 To December 1965 1STE BM1 Yes US No
Hancharick Richard April 1974 To September 1977 SUPPLY SH2 No US My time onboard was very interesting. I reported onboard when the ship was in drydock. From there it was Gitmo training. As you know it wasn't pleasant. Then during the next few years a couple of Med cruises. Great ports were visited and enjoyed by all. I used to run the ship's store selling all the things we needed to make life a little easier while on board. My nickname was "Moose" if that reminds anyone that was on board from '74 to '77. Hope everyone is doing well and in good health. No
Haner Bob November 1985 To January 1988 Admin YN1 No US DDG 5 is "The Greatest Destroyer to ever puff out heavy black smoke". No
Hanna Shane December 1978 To January 1982 OI OS3 No US we really got to see the world...many great cruises..Indian ocean..Africa..Persian gulf...north Atlantic..memories i'll always have... No
harris steve Febuary 1978 To April 1979 1st sn No US great crew great people No
Harris Mark October 1972 To May 1974 OPs OSSN No US No
Hayden Carl September 1976 To October 1978 Supply MS2 No US Loved Med Cruise 77,Was the Royal Barber for Shellback Initiation. Hope all fomer shipmates are in good health. No
Heesch Dan Mar 1977 To Sept 1980 B BTFN No US For a land locked kid from MN it was an awesome adventure I will never forget. B divison was the best!! No
HENSLEY Hugh Febuary 1975 To August 1976 OI OS3 No US Enjoyed my time with the CIC gang and other fellow shipmates. On the 75-76 Med. Cruise. On board during Belknap Incident 11/22/75. Shall never forget! No
Hess James July 1976 To October 1979 E EM2 No US No
Hickey Jimmy September 1979 To April 1982 OE CWO3 No US This was my last duty station and I will always remember my time on board as she was a great ship with a great crew. No
Hill Jeffrey January 1975 To February 1977 E IC3 No US Assigned to DDG5 at tail end of long shipyard overhaul. Went to Gitmo for Reftra, did two Med Cruises and was involved in the Belknap rescue. Also had a fun time transiting the Suez Canal for a trip to Mombasa, Kenya, and return to Med (1976). No
Hillman Randy January 1979 To May 1983 FOX FTM2 No US Tim Hackett, Bob Brown, John (Fred) Lanier, J.P.(Fumble Butt)Kline, Steve Roads, Chuck Bissey, Tommy Holland, and Dave Miller, were the best shipmates ever! No
Honigford Dave November 1968 To November 1971 OI RD2 No US No
Hooper Donald September 1974
January 1976
Hopwood Anthony January 1965 To September 1966 OI ETN3 Yes US No
Hordnes Ove - Month - 1970 To September 1973 B BT2 No US Yes
Hosler Scott July 1981 To October 1985 M MM2 No US Awesome experience! These were my worst years, and my best years. Thank God for Captain Sherman; RIP. He gave me a second chance. Then MMCM(SW) PJ Fuller molded me into a sailor. [Then] MM1 Bruce White, my engineroom supervisor, made me tow the line and helped me advance. Greatest years of my 16 year career. No
Howlett Alan September 1976 To April 1980 B BT3 No US Onboard during the Iranian hostage crisis cruise No
Hrouda Russell June 1982 To May 1984 M MM2 No US First Ship assignment. Liked the smaller crew. Onboard during the Marine Bombing in Beirut. Recalled from port visit in Istanbul (First for a US Vessel) after 18 hrs inport. No
Hughes Tom May 1962 To Sept 1964 OI ET1 No US Assigned to DDG-5 in Apr'62 as student SPS-37 School (Glakes). Came aboard and found we had SPS-29B. Decommed and Recommed CVR. Leading ET (ET1). Aboard for first five months of MM then left for Shore Duty. No
Hunt Robert July 1975 To July 1976 B BTC No US No
hunt stephen April 1970 To August 1973 fox gmm3 No US good ship good crew ,lots of good times,not much stateside portsmouth yard to gitmo,to med cruises and north atlantic . thanks to yardbird named dooly learned lots more mk11 than (a)or(c)school could ever teach. No
Iken Gerry June 1967 To October 1968 1st YNSN No US Reported aboard as an FN and assigned to the Fwd Boiler room. When my deafness in my right ear was discovered, I was reassigned and Engineering Dept Yeoman. When I achieved the designation of YNSN I was transferred to the Ship's Office and was Ca Yes
Irizarry Ralf January 1985 To May 1987 OE ET2 No US One of the best times in my life. Unitas tour was great good shipmates. Almost was killed it GITMO when antenna fell off the mast and caught me in back of head. No
Ivins Robert September 1982 To October 1984 OI EWC No US No
Jacobs Michael May 1985 To September 1988 OI OS3 No US Claude V was my first ship after A School. I got on right before a Unitas, and for my first ever deployment, I was impressed. Old school Navy, that many people now would say....WTF? But it was awesome. Crossed the line twice in 5 months! No
Jacobson James June 1963 To June 1966 OI ETR2 Yes US Great experience. Wouldn't have missed it for anything. No
Jewell Thomas - Month - 1982 To - Month - 1985 OC Sm1 No US Came aboard DDG-5 as a SM2 made SM1, retired SMC (SW) in 1995...looking forward to seeing a bunch of ole shipmates...BTC Curtis I see you're going to the reunion.. No
Johnson Glenn Jan 1964 To Jan 1968 B BT2 Yes US My tour of duty on the Biddle/CVR-DDG-5 during the MMD was a great experience. I met a lot of people from all over the world I was 18 years old and very fortunate to be part of an elite group of sailors. I will never forget those 18 months and hope No
Johnson James December 1965 To August 1967 B BT2 No US I enjoyed the tour of duty plus the people i worked for & worked with. No
Johnson Jeff Sept 1979 To Aug 1981 R EM1 No US Good Times No
Jones Robert May 1962 To May 1963 G FTC No US No
Jones Michael Nov 1965 To Mar 1968 2nd GMG1 No US No
Jones Gary June 1970 To August 1973 AS STG3 No US Looking back there were good and bad times, like most sailors I only remember the good times. Have to say the crew when I served were some of the best group of guys I have ever worked with in my lifetime. Hope to reconnect with the guys from 6/70 to 8/73. Enjoyed the North Atlantic cruise, but the Med and Caribbean were not to shabby. GITMO was another story with those infamous cattle cars! Any guys from the sonar gang out there? No
Kahler Steve November 1965 To November 1967 1st EO3 No US I was probably the only Seabee to serve aboard a destroyer. Lots of good memories. No
Kartchner Lloyd March 1972 To November 1973 OC SM3 No US learned a lot of morse code, joined the navy to see the world and did see about half. Found my wife in Norfolk, still married 35 years later what more can I ask. No
Kelbaugh Richard Sept 1970 To July 1972 E LT No US 1200 PSI Steam plants were the worst of propulsion plants. The "Black Gang" that worked one of these plants earned their stripes big time. The Mediterranean Cruise was a highlight of these two years. Losing a Master Chief overboard was the low. No
Kersey Aubrey July 1982 To May 1986 OI OS2 No US CVR was my first ship and looking back a wonderful time in my life. Beiruit, Unitas, GITMO.... she was a grand lady that took care of us all. No
Kersten Robert October 1973 To June 1975 OI E3 No US Became good friends with several shipmates. Spent Christmas and New Years in Valencia, Spain. Had a great time in Jamaica. No
Ketchell Rick May 1980 To January 1981 M MM3 No US A summer of Midshipmen training in Newport, RI, ships band playing at sea on the stern, Capt's Mast at sea with Gallant for going to McDonalds in work blues No
Ketteringham Charles May 1962 To March 1964 First Sn No US Great Years No
Kidd LeRoy May 1983 To July 1986 B, fwd fireroom BT3 No US I remember being off the coast of Beirut. We shelled the beach on Valentines Day '84. 53 5" 54's @ 20,000 yds we were getting direct hits on tanks. They wouldn't allow the New Jersey to shoot unless targets were out of our range. We were in so close at night we could watch street lights change at the airport where the marines here holed up. The Tatenell caught fire and we tied up outboard and went across to fight the fire. We went to GQ for real, not a drill at like 0200. No
King Pete December 1979 To June 1982 AS STG3 No US No
Klemm Ken Febuary 1986 To October 1989 AS STG3 No US During my tour the ship did a number of underway periods, and one major deployment to the Med, from October 1987 to April 1988. I was an STG in AS division, and ended my tour as a 3rd class No
Kline Joseph June 1978 To September 1981 Fox GMM2 No US No
Kline Joe Apr 1978 To Oct 1981 Fox GMM2 No US 1979-1980 Iran Crisis was tough but 1981 NATO made up for it. I still think about the great times. No
Knowles Skip June 1964 To December 1965 OC RM3 Yes US Best tour I had in the Navy. Sarted with seven countires and finished with six. The Turks left. No
Kolar Brian Jan 1984 To Sept 1986 AS GMT2 No US Served During Beruit crisis and also had fun at the Unitas Cruise(South American Cruise). No
Kolovouris Dimitrios July 1964 To December 1965 3rd STG3 Yes US It was a very good experience, with many people from different countries and different languages. I still remember the entire experience very well. When a friend told me about this website after so many years I was very emotional, and I am very sa No
Kontotavlakis Paul Jan 1964 To Jan 1968 E IC1 Yes Greece No
Kornoelje Richard April 1967 To September 1968 Fox GMM1 No US Only served onboard for 18 months. Interested in meeting old shipmates. No
Krahl Manfred June 1964 To December 1965 1st SN Yes US No
Krebs Heiko May 1964 To December 1965 OI RD2 Yes Germany No
Kriskewic Joseph March 1969 To January 1970 OI YN3 No US I met a bunch of really nice guys, and saw a lot of Ports No
Kuertz David June 1980 To September 1987 A MMCS No US My last tour of duty. Retirement and a new way of life in the landlubber world. No
lacy Jerry June 1968 To December 1968 ships office YN1 No US No
lacy Jerry June 1968 To December 1968 ships office YN1 No US No
Laferriere Dan September 1976 To April 1980 R HT3 No US No
LaForest Wayne November 1967 To November 1973 Fox FTM1 No US No
Lamb Dennis November 1965 To April 1968 ENG LT No US Relieved Mixed Mannig crew -they were still there when we arrived. Endured continual water shortages the whole 29 months. CAPT Mullane finally got them solved after I departed. No
Lambert Gene Oct 1967 To Nov 1968 S SK2 No US I transferred off the destroyer tender USS Sierra, where we only left the D&S Piers, Norfolk one time in two years. The Ricketts was always gone, and I loved it! Being at sea on a U.S. Navy destroyer at sea was one of the best experiences of my life No
Lambert Michael March 1962 To May 1964 OE ET1 No US Plank Owner and served on Precomm Detail No
Lane John April 1987 To October 1989 Navigation PNSN No US No
lanier john Nov 1978 To ??? ???? Fox E5 No US It was a Love-Hate relationship! No
Larsen Charlie - Month - - Year - To - Month - - Year - guns ftg3 No US No
Lauver Greg ??? 1977 To ??? 1981 AS STG2 No US Most memorable time of my life.. Would enjoy hearing from any old shipmates. No
Le Borgne William June 1967 To November 1968 supply CS 3 No US MED CRUISE 1968 outstanding especially port call at FINALE LIGURE ON THE ITALIAN RIVIERA. No
Lease Barry July 1966 To Dec 1967 Deck BM1 No US Enjoyed this period in my naval career No
Lepak Joseph September 1965 To December 1968 M MM2 No US Would do it ALL a half of a heartbeat! No
LePoidevin Chuck October 1961 To ??? 1965 GUNNERY GMG3 Yes US Put the ship into commission out of Philadelphia as the USS Biddle and then back into dry dock and recommissioned it as the Claude V. Ricketts after Admiral Ricketts. Was on Board during the mixed manning force for (NATO). Seven different crews from Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. No
Lerner Tom Dec 1968 To Mar 1973 FOX FTM2 No US Probably like every other sailor serving onboard a ship, there were good times and bad times. I don't remember the bad times like I used to, but I do remember the fun times and exciting times. My shipmates were probably some of the finest guys I have ever known. I'm proud to say that I am a Navy Tin Can sailor, and proud to have served on the Claude V. Ricketts. No
Licht Christopher Mar 1977 To Sep 1978 Nav NC1 No US Proud to have become a Shellback on the Claude V. Was on that great trip to Bazil in summer 1977. No
Linke Richard July 1964 To December 1965 1st SN Yes Germany Many greetings after a so long time. It was a great time a board the "Ricketts". A part of the German Crew meets every 2 years at another part of Germany. Last meeting was in Jun 2008 at Crew Member Manfred Krahl in Bad Driburg. No
Lipscomb Corey ??? ???? To ??? 1988 oi os3 No US I was so young and just out of "a" school. I truly met the coolest people and had the time of my life. No
Lismanis Demetrios November 1964 To December 1965 FCO LT Yes Greece A great experience from a professional and a social point of view.I feel that I owe so much to all my fellow shipmates,from the captain down the last one.All my best to all these wonderful men.I am sorry I will miss 2009 Reunion. No
Litman Ejothian August 1971
May 1972
ON PN2 No US I enjoyed the adventures and my shipmates while on board the Ricketts. I was at sea when we lost Chief Sutton but I don't remember his full name. I was on the bridge during GQ. Does anyone know his full name and the month and year when it happened? It's been over 50 years since then. No
Loeffler Ken July 1986 To October 1989 OE ET2 No US No
Lominac Robert January 1979 To June 1981 AS GMT3 No US No
Loper James Febuary 1989 To October 1989 AS STG3 No US No
Lopez Anthony January 1985 To Febuary 1988 1st BM3 No US No
Lowe Curtis September 1977 To July 1980 Supply MS3 No US I'm proud that I served on the shipI miss my crew mates I wish them the best their families may the Lord Jesus Christ protect& be with them and youand their families and yours my prayers are with you all and all the people that's served on the ship and are serving right nowmay you all be blessed love Curtis Lowe you may contact me God bless No
Lyke Dayle March 1967 To Febuary 1969 E LTjg No US No
lykins rick March 1983 To August 1985 S3 sn No US had a great time onboard with a terrific crew. beruite was unforgettable getting shellback even more so. like to here from petty officer john menitto Hope I spelled it correctly, been a while. I was Ships Barber during my tour, some may remember me by (Floyd the Barber). Hope to be at reunion. revisited Norfolk 2yrs ago, grandson wanted to see the ocean and naval base, he loves knowing I served in the Navy and country. Hope to here from any of my friends and shipmates. God bless all our sailors & military. I remember Ltjg Caplan & a few other names on the crew roster. No
MacCord Philip September 1965 To September 1968 Fox FTM3 Yes US No
MacMurray Michael August 1969 To August 1971 S LCDR No US No
Maday Steve June 1986 To October 1992 G FC3 No US No
magale rick Jan 1985 To Oct 1988 OI OS2 Yes US It has been more than 20 years.WOW! I never realized how quickly time has passed. OS2 Mike Jacobs and OS2 Peter Kratz, and OS2 Guy Timperio...I can never forget our friendship and hope and pray you're all healthy! Hey and I'll never forget B No
Magi Michael May 1983 To January 1987 Supply SK2 No US Met her in GITMO, great memories of UNITAS 26. No
Mahan Harry 78/79 & To to 83 Gun GMG2 No US I was flown over to augment crew during Iran hostage thing. Flown to US from Amsterdam back to Blandy. Transfered back to Claude V for a couple or three years. Wetzel was in 51 % I was 52. NW security, safeing team, etc. Wonder if Blumer went home t No
Maher Tom Aug 1965 To Dec 1967 1st LT No US After my tour as First Lt, I later became Navigator/Ship's Sec, with responsibilities for QMs, SMs, and Ship's Office. No
Margeotes Michael April 1965 To April 1970 Fox FTM2 No US No
marks robert May 1961 To June 1965 R DC2 Yes US i am a plankowner of the biddle along with my brother john i am honered to have been part of the missles of cuba we had a great crew bob Yes
markward ted Febuary 1987 To July 1989 ENG BT3 No US I will remember the aft fireroom where I stood many hours of watch.Also BT 1 Bruce "Bubba"Bernard,BT 2 DORF,BT2 mCDOWELL,BT 3 BOB "O",BT3 MIKE KENNEDY,BT2 NICK MACHIONI,BT2 JACK STAFFORD,miss you guys and all my other shipmates we had a blast!!!!!!! No
Marquez Toby August 1964 To December 1965 PAO JO1 Yes US The 18 months I spent on board the mixed-manned USS Ricketts was definitely a significant highlight in my 25 years of naval service--from seaman to commander. I was a photojournalist first class with a dream job -- documenting sailors from six NATO n No
Marsh Michael September 1985 To April 1987 Fox FC2 No US No
Marshall Dave April 1975 To August 1979 M MM2 No US No
Martens Rolf June 1964 To December 1965 Missile Officer Lt Yes Germany No
MARTIN WILLIAM October 1963 To October 1966 S SH3 Yes US No
Martinez Gene December 1986 To January 1990 E EM Yes US No
Matyjewicz John ??? 1978 To ??? 1982 OC RM1 No US No
Maxwell Donald January 1974 To December 1975 OR RM1 No US No
Mayfield Charles April 1975 To May 1980 F GMM1 No US No
Maynard Jr Wheeler January 1971 To March 1973 Fox FTM2 No US No
Mazur Patrick April 1985 To November 1988 M MM3 No US No
McClain Warren September 1968 To September 1970 1st BM2 No US No
McClain Austin August 1980 To May 1984 Nav QM2 No US No
McCloud Calvin November 1974 To July 1977 1st sn No US I reported for duty while the Big Nickel was in dry dock in 1974 and served aboard her through Gitmo, 2 Med cruises and a Caribbean cruise. I was on fire station #1 during the Belknap disaster. I hung out with Mark Mcombs AKA Big Mac, Frank Smith, Mike Hyers and Jim Sullivan. With Honor I discharged in 1977 with a Naval Unit Commendation . Looking for shipmates to connect with. No
McCombs Mark ??? 1975 To ??? 1978 AS GMT2 No US Some of the greatest times of my life. I will never forget the memories and friends during this period of my life. Looking to reunite with old friends feel free to contact me. No
McDermott Louis Febuary 1976 To October 1980 Fox FTM1 No US No
McFaddin Robert unknown unknown To June 1980 OE ET3 No US Don't recall exactly when I reported aboard - ship was dry-docked in the yards in Philly. No
McKinnon James Summer 1975 To September 1976 V STG3 No US The most memorable was the Belknap Incident. Most cherished was teaching the guys on the Kennedy a little something about basketball. No
McKnight John October 1964 To January 1965 OC RM1 Yes US Only served on board for three months then transferred to the USS DEWEY DLG14. My service aboard remains a memorable experience. No
McNess Les - Month - - Year - To December 1979 M MM2 No US I would like to thank the "79-80" #2 engine room crew for giving it all during that deployment. You guys where the Best! Drove the rest of them crazy! Thank you! Les McNess (Mac) No
Mears Terry ??? 1983 To ??? 1985 COM SM2 No US I often think of my fellow Signalmen and other shipmates . It would be really nice to reconnect and talk to some of them . If anyone remember me from my time onboard the RICKETTS please contact me . No
Melfi Steve September 1971 To December 1975 Fox FTM1 No US Went on board at Portsmouth ship yard, left four years later while at Portsmouth ship yard. Gitmo, Several Caribbean cruises, two med cruises, and one North Atlantic cruise. I still haven't warmed up from the North Atlantic cruise. No
Melius Stephan April 1964 To March 1967 OC RM2 Yes US No
Melton Douglas Febuary 1968 To April 1971 E RD3 No US Except for boot camp and electronic/radar schools, I spent my entire time aboard the CVR-5. Made 3 Med cruises, 2 Gitmo cruises, and a Nato cruise. Got out early on the "early out" program going on in early 1970's. We had a band aboard the ship ... No
Merritt Frank Febuary 1968 To August 1969 Supply LT No US Made two Med deployments in 68 and 69. Best port ever was Finale Ligure, Italy. We were supposed to deploy to WestPac in 1969, but someone threw crap into the reduction gears, so they punished us by assigning us to Newport RI as the SWO School Ship for a few weeks. We did not gamble much in the wardroom, but I made a lot of money playing Poker in the 1st Class Mess and the CPO Mess. No
Milcetich Mark Feb 1976 To August 1979 OC E5 No US Best ship ever served on under Capt. King. No
Miller Wayne Sept 1965 To ??? 1968 1st BM3 No US Right out of boot camp to the Ricketts to Porthsmith ship yard. Made good friends while on board, and had much fun with great memories, and NO REGRETS. No
Miller Richard May 1966 To May 1968 E ETN3 No US Join the Navy and see the World. The two Med cruises I made certainly added to that claim. It also launched an electronics career that has spanned 42 years. Know as Terry Miller on board. No
miller joseph June 1987 To March 1989 b BT1 No US It was one of the greates time of my life. No
Miller Jim Fall 1971 To Feb 1973 OC HM3 No US No
Misiag John Jan 1966 To Aug 1968 OI PO3 No US The best time I had cruising the Med. Then there was the sun tanning sessions using butter as taning lotion. Or was it the card games we had while crossing to the Med. No
Mitchell Robert July 1979 To May 1983 Nav LT No US No
Mitchell Danny July 1970 To December 1973 Supply CS3 No US Went on board during the time of over haul in 1970 at Potsmouth Navel yard.Spent almost three and one half years on this ship. No
Moenaert Richard August 1970 To August 1971 OC RM2 No US Our Med cruise in 1971 was great. You know you have reached the Med when you pass THE ROCK, it was exciting. Than you made it to Naples and with extra time off went to Rome, WOW was all I could say. That is until we got to Greece and Athens. Walking through the ruins there was almost like walking into history, you could almost feel the Army and the Senators and you were walking the same stairs and roads that they did. This being my last cruise before separation, I have to say this was almost the best. The best was a UNITAS IX cruise. That was another ship though. The crew we had (enlisted & officers) really blended together both on the shhip and liberty. This was a very memorable cruise. No
Montry Bruce Oct 1976 To Aug 1979 OI OS1 No US No
Moore james July 1964
September 1964
E Ic2 No US You mentioned that there is a tour on the USS Barry. I was also on the Barry before commissioning the Biddle. Decomissioned the Biddle and recommisioned it the Claude V Ricketts Before finishing my duty on the USS NEW PORT NEWS, IN JAN 1965. ALSO i'M A PLANK OWNER OF THE BIDDLE.i DID THE SHAKE DOWN CRUISE TO GUANTANAMO BAY CUBA. WAS A SHIP MATE DURING THE CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS. Jim No
Moore Duby November 1976 To September 1979 OI OS2 No US Great Ship, Great crew, Learned more from Montry and Laplante in CIC than any other duty station. Made me a better operator. Wouldn't trade my experiences onboard for anything. Remember the hurricane rescue of the Audry Ann? No
Moosbrugger Fred December 1971 To July 1973 Sonar STG3 No US No
Morgan Tom April 1973 To April 1976 E BT2 No US No
Morgan Will May 1962 To May 1963 F Lt No US I was Missile Fire Control Officer and Plank Owner. We had a great crew and I was able to convince the Exec to give my division "open gangway" if all the equipment was up and tested OK. I was an experienced DD Conning Officer and the Cuban Missile No
Morris Steve Mar 74 To Mar 76 M MM3 No US I am very proud of my time onboard. It was a tough assignment. We were worked hard, very hard. Lot's of hours in Engineering. I enjoyed the ports and got to see part of the world. Enjoyed knowing my shipmates. If you were a shipmate during the No
mueske Stanley feb 1980 To nov 1981 1st BMC No US we were on back to back stannavforlant cruise in 1980-1981 what a drunk time.ended up retired after 23 years. Yes
Mullen Robert January 1975 To October 1977 Guns GMG4 No US I worked as a Gunners Mate...Good crew... No
Muncher David Oct 1976 To July 1978 Weps GMM3 No US No
Murphy Tom July 1970 To December 1971 1st LTJG No US Some great memories I still convey to friends. Finale Ligure was a highlight celebrating St. Patrick's Day with shipmates and playing basketball, baseball & softball against the town teams. Capt. Watson was terrific. No
Murphy Bruce September 1976 To September 1979 FC FTM2 No US Have some great memories of my shipboard life. Looking to reestablish some great friendships left behind. No
murphy richard October 1964 To August 1968 e bt5 Yes US No
Murray George March 1974 To August 1974 M MM3 No US No
Myers Brent December 1984 To December 1985 OI OS3 No US Loved my time aboard, my shipmates (especially those in OI Division) and all our adventures together... especially UNITAS XXVI and serving as the DESRON 23 Spanish interpreter No
Myers Walter June 1963 To July 1966 3rd STG3 Yes US I came aboard the Biddle and stayed on after the recommissioning and participated in the Mixed Manning Demonstration. It was a wonderful and varied experience, one Ill never forget. No
MYERS RONALD September 1977 To December 1981 R EMC No US No
Nemechek Mike December 1975 To May 1979 NAV LTJG No US Fond memories, great friends to this day. I'll look forward to attending the reunion and spreading the word about the Big Nickel (we never called it that) to my shipmates. No
Neuman Kirk July 1964 To March 1968 1st, OI RD2 Yes US Had a great time while on board. Was in 1st division during the MMD and then moved to OI division where I worked up to RD2 before transferring to Rosemount, Minnesota (Naval Astronautics Group, Detachment Bravo) where I served out my final 2 years before getting my discharge in April, 1970. I stood more watch hours during my 2 years at NAG Det B then I did during my entire 4 years on board the CVR. No
Newhall Robert October 1984 To July 1989 A E4 MM3 No US No
Newman Raymond Febuary 1985
January 1986
Nichalson Dwight June 1984 To March 1988 1st BM3 No US No
Niswonger Timothy October 1986 To August 1989 B BT2 No US No
Noethen Dale October 1976 To January 1978 1st YNSN No US Great While it Lasted - Started out as 17yo Boot and ended up a shellback. No
Norris Richard January 1979 To April 1984 B BT1 No US I severe aboard The Ricketts from Jan 79 until Apr 84, I have a lot of great memories of my time on board, from Gitmo to the numerous med cruises and NATO tours, plus the pleasure of serving with my brother FTG1 Mike Norris. And playing in the ships band on both NATO tours! No
Norris Michael April 1978 To March 1983 Gunnery FTG1 No US My first duty station and absolutely the best! Met a lot of great shipmates, saw the world and best of all, did it all with my brother, Richard Norris onboard (BT). we started the band "Stratus" that played in several NATO countries during those epic 1981 back to back 6 month long NATO cruises!! No
nowicki wayne ??? To - ??? oi os US No
O'Connell Thomas Sept 1965 To Feb 1967 1st BM3 No US The best part of my service time was on DDG5. The always haveing team spirit, working together taught me so much. The second part was the liberties in the med. Oh wow. Since then I am married, have a wonderful family, 3 girls and now 2 grand daughte No
Odle Billy September 1963 To April 1966 MPA lLt Yes US Reported onboard September 1963 just in time for the med trip. Selected to stay onboard for Mixed Manning, which was an interesting tour. Was at her Decommissioning. Remained on active duty, Retiring in 1979 as a Commander. No
Oglesby Don Febuary 1962 To July 1963 3rd ST1 No US Reported aboard as SOG2 from '23 school, Key West and left July '63 as ST1. Good duty, great crew. Got out as STC, '69, enlisted USCG June '71, retired Sept. '82, CWO3 Bosun. 23 years. 15 years Wisconsin State Patrol, Motor Carrier Inspector (Diesel Bear). ASW Off was LT Snyder, STC Haygood, FTC Leidig, SO1 MacDonald, SO1 Stafford, SOG2 Pollock, SOG3 Schwartzenberger..... Yes
Olavessen Leonard July 1975 To October 1978 Chief Engineer LCDR No US No
Otto William July 1974 To October 1975 Supply MS2 No US Very different when I first reported aboard, came from the Springfield,Flagship of 6th fleet. For the first few meals thought I was still cooking for 1000 plus. Sure was hot and miserable in Gitmo. The syrup for the juice exploded in the forward supply No
Owen Reginald May 1962 To October 1963 1st SN No US Plank Owner I was one of six Honer Gaurd to raise the first flag at the commishioning ceremonies. No
Owens Leo January 1979 To March 1982 B, OI LT No US Served in the Ricketts through GTMO, Med/Mideast Deployment (Iran Crisis), & two SNFL deployments. Assigned to B Division and then OI & really enjoyed both experiences under Joe Gimma (CHENG) & Mike Goldman (OPS). Very hard & rewarding tour with a t No
Oyler Calvin June 1979 To October 1983 E EM2 No US Out of three ships and one shore duty assignment the Ricketts was the best bar none. No
Paddack Ronald January 1962 To July 1963 A MM2 No US No
Paddack Laurence July 1963 To July 1964 missile officer ltjg No US I was the ships missile office and I was relieved by a German Naval Office, rank of Lt.. Don't remember the name of the officer. The captains name was Fortson , Thomas CDR(sp). I was on the Adams briefly (1 mo.?) and then to the DLG squadron leader which was the first all guided missile destroyer squadron, the USS Dewey (sp?), as the squadron Missile office. The Biddle was a beautiful riding ship except in plane guard and into the wallows of the North Atlantic. The missile crew scored a hit on a French drone while in casrep condition with the launcher down. The missile chief and his crew manually cranked the launcher and maintained elevation and long enough for me to get a firm lock on with the Tartar. The drone splashed. Yes
Palmer James unknown unknown To unknown unknown 1st BM3 No US Great time on board, especially the UNITAS cruise around South America. That was most memorable for me...Panama Canal & becoming a Shellback... No
panak richard August 1981 To October 1983 b bt3 No US looking back i wish i could remember more details.i remember the good guys in b division and engineering No
Parse Tim May 1980 To August 1983 M MM2 No US No
PARSONS JOHN December 1980 To June 1984 Supply MS3 No US No
Payne James January 1979 To May 1982 OI OS2 No US No
Pederson Mark May 1986 To October 1988 E IC3 No US I remember one particular unrep in the Med, during a storm. I was standing in the stbd break when a wave came over the bow. I did not see the wave. One minute I was on my feet, the next minute I was on all fours 25-ft aft of my position and drench No
Pendarvis Tom dec 1962 To jul 1963 1st sn No US I reported aboard the Biddle prior to starting service school. Told XO I knew electronics and Morse code, so he put me with the deck force. That turned out to be a blessing since I became a helmsman and got to see where we were and where bound. I thi No
Perkins Dana Nov 1968 To Sept 1972 B BT3 No US I will remember my days on the Ricketts forever. Many names of those I knew still remain. What wonderful memories No
PERRY EDWARD ??? 1963 To ??? 1964 A IC3 Yes US Served on board while mixed crew was be established then was transferred to USS DALGHREN DLG-12 No
Peterman Leslie July 1962 To March 1966 E on Biddle R on MMD IC 2 Yes US No
Petitt William ??? ???? To ??? 1968 1st E3 Yes US No
petrahai michael November 1979 To May 1980 2 gmg3 No US No
Petty Philip January 1967 To July 1967 1st SN No US No
Peverly John August 1968 To Febuary 1972 G GMG3 No US USS Hoel DDG-13 (The first among the Best) Great Ship, alot of memories, Call or E-Mail me. The Third USS Hoel reunion will be in Everett Wash. 8/9/2013-8/12/2013 Call John Peverly for details (425) 335-4066. Hope to see you there. Lets have fun and tell a few lies. No
PIPPIN JOHN July - Year - To - Month - 1968 Medical HM2 No US I remember flying from Roda, Spain to Genoa, Italy where the ship was supposed to be. It wasn't, so I and another sailor took a train from Genoa to Finale Ligure, Italy (Italian Riviera). We were anchored there for nine glorious days. The captain and the mayor of the city were good friends, so we were treated like royalty. I kid you not, the city even had a red carpet on the beach to welcome us. The ship had just finished their Med cruise, so we were on our way back to the states. I think it was during that return that we encountered a large group of Russian trawlers. We really didn't know what to expect but all turned out ok. I was only on-board for about a year. Near the end of my duty I re-upped for four more years and two weeks later I married the love of m No
Pizzola Michael Oct 81 To Feb 85 Navigation YN3 No US No
Plantenberg Thomas July 1970 To December 1971 X PN2 No US CVR was my first ship, and like a few others mentioned, on my first voyage we lost Chief Sutten. Nonetheless it was a tremendous experience that shaped my life. I had a deal with the CO to publish "The Ricketts Rag." Two exceptional artists - Steve Martish and Ed Crosby, made the "Rag" what it was. We did some fun stuff, like held a cockroach contest (Ensign Beasley is not a cockroach and no points will be awarded...) and a Chief Brunner Look Alike contast which Commodore Jex won (they really did look alike..) After I was discharged I got a degree in journalism and worked for the Milwaukee Journal. Rejoined the reserves and became a PAO. Ended my Navy career of 38 years in 2007 No
Pope Johnny August 1983 To October 1987 A MM3 No US Still with the navy. Oldest active-duty navy person at my command here in Yokosuka,Japan. No
Porter Roy June 1981 To May 1984 Fox GMM2 No US No
Potter Bruce May 1981 To Dec 1985 M MM2 No US No
Poynter Terry April 1983 To March 1986 1st BMSN No US No
preston jim December 1977 To August 1980 r ht3 No US Ht's home of the miracle workers No
Privett Tom ??? 1985 To ??? 1988 G GMG1 No US My third ship I served on and I think the best. No
Puls David May 1984 To April 1989 M Div MM2 US No
Quirk Larry ??? 1988 To ??? 1989 A MM3 No US Decom Crew. Retired MM1. No
Raines Patrick June 1974 To December 1965 R FN Yes United Kingdom Enjoyed every minute. No
Rains Michael January 1987 To September 1989 Fox FC3 No US No
Rand Raymond ??? 1979 To ??? 1983 OE ET2 No US Yes
Revaitis Michael October 1968 To March 1970 OP YM2 No US No
Rhein Peter September 1974 To June 1978 E LTJG No US These words might seem like code to most but many will understand: socks, apple, wedge, pen knife, knots, anchor chain, wardroom pollywog. No
Rhodes Dusty Feb. 1977 To Aug. 1980 OI OS2 No US No
Riccardi Albert January 1970 To November 1972 Engineering YN3 No US No
richard dudley ??? 1977 To may 1981 fox ftm2 No US Served as guided missile radar tech in the 51c/d radar room on the 01 level. We sailed the med, indian ocean, north atlantic, caribbean and south atlantic No
Ridgeway Claude November 1970 To January 1972 2nd GMG3 No US I had a good experience on board. I reenlisted so I could attend school at Great Lakes. I reenlisted with a friend by the name of Dan Duncan. Wonder where he is? No
Riley Jack May 1962 To November 1963 OC YN3 No US Orginal plank owner of the USS Biddle. No
Riley Denis Febuary 1971 To March 1972 E LT No US 250 characters does not come close to what would be neede to describe that single year on the CVR. Nonetheless, I served with many fine men especially Capt. John Watson. No
Ritter Barry September 1964 To Febuary 1966 OE ETN3 Yes US It was good duty - especially when visiting participating countries. No
Rival Joseph June 1970 To December 1972 AS STG2 No US Enjoyed my time on board, especially the North Atlantic cruise in '72. Never knew you could parallel park a destroyer but the Captain did just that. Made some really good friends that I hope I can get in contact with soon. My time aboard really went a long way in helping me to grow. No
Rivera Luis November 1973 To August 1976 B BT 3 No US No
Roads Steve September 1979 To October 1983 Weapons FTM2 No US No
Roads Steve Sep 1979 To Oct 1983 Weapons FTM2 US "Me Ship's Captain" + really rotten eggs No
Roeling Jim March 1988 To October 1989 B BT2 No US No
Rogers Daniel Oct 1968 To Oct 1969 AS STG2 No US No
Rogus David - Month - 1969 To - Month - 1970 ENG LTJG No US Left Ricketts for Viet Nam in January 1970. After that tour in the Third Coastal Zone served two tours with the Brazilian Navy out of Rio de Janeiro. Then N2 with COMPHIBRON 5 out of San Diego. Left Navy as LCDR to join the Foreign Service. No
Roloson Lawrence July 1985 To July 1989 Ops SM2 No US i remember running around being wild and drunk most of the time. No
Romanoff Stephen May 1989 To October 1989 Supply DK1 No US Served as the last DK onboard the Ricketts until final Decommission on October 31, 1989. No
Rooney George Febuary 1968
May 1968
OE ETN3 No US my wife died in September 2010. my other email address No
Rorman Mike December 1979 To August 1982 1st BM3 No US Served in Persian Gulf in 1979-80 then back to back 6 month tours with NATO in Europe in 80-81. I was proud to have served on the Ricketts with such great shipmates! No
Rotz Bob March 1978 To July 1981 AS LT No US No
Ruiz Domingo PRECOM To July 1967 B BT1 Yes US No
Russell Terry - Month - 1985 To - Month - 1987 Fox FCM3 No US I enjoyed my time aboard the boat, loved (and miss) being at sea. Met some fine men, and a few jerks - they know the difference. Was aboard for Gitmo shakedown, saw my first iguana up close and personal (Man! those things can climb!), also suffered what felt like 3rd degree burn from the sun on rock beach. My wcs had me "hide" in a fan room for three days while I recovered... All in all, a very happy time in my life. o7 (salute) to all my shipmates. No
Rutter Michael - Month - - Year - To - Month - - Year - 3rd GMM2 No US No
Ryan Frank July 1964 To July 1966 1st Seaman Yes US can't believe it's was 50 years ago No
salem richard June 1964 To March 1967 1 st sn Yes US some of the best times of my life (I GREW UP) No
Sanders Darryel March 1986 To August 1989 OI OS2 No US Serving on board the "Big Nickle" was the best time of my life! I miss all of the OS's that I served with. No
Sapp William Febuary 1982 To November 1985 1st SN No US No
Schaefer Hewitt November 1973 To May 1974 OI EW2 No US Came on board in Greece, left to go back to school as we went into dry-dock. No
Schaller Micheal April 1977 To November 1982 WEPS FCCS No US I was a menmber of the Ricketts Selected Reserve unit from the Naval Reserve Center in Lacrosse, WI from 1977 to the Ricketts decommisioning. I did many two day and two or three week training periods on the Ricketts. No
Schindler Scott ??? 1986 To ??? 1989 AS STG3 No US I remember the break downs fondly, once we busted down in cuba, rammed the dock hard and stayed in port for a week drinking up a storm at the Blue Karib bar 1st and last time i had Scotch No
Schneider Bill April 1979 To March 1981 A MM2 No US No
Schultz Edward August 1963 To October 1964 OC RM2 Yes US I was aboard for the mixed manning crew, recommissioning. I served in two DD/DDRs, an LSD, and two CVAs in my career. By far USS Biddle/CVR was my favorite ship,right size, great crew and CO CDR Fortson, as leading radioman with a great radio shack. No
Schumacher Troy ??? 1986 To ??? 1989 E em3 No US No
Schwartzenberger John May 1962 To to Sonar SOG3 No US Would like to add comment later. No
Schweiger Frank December 1986 To October 1989 Sonar STG2 No US No
Scintilla Ronald May 1988 To October 1989 X HM1 No US No
Scott Vane June 1977 To October 1978 AS TM3 No US No
Sedlacek Gene April 1988 To October 1989 S1 SK3 No US No
selman robert September 1983 To March 1985 B BT2 No US No
Sencindiver Gary August 1983 To January 1987 E EM3 No US No
Sharkey Guy - Month - 1979 To - Month - 1984 B BT1 No US No
Shaw Jay June 1972 To July 1972 Midshipman MIDN1 No US Made my 1st Class Midshipman cruise on the Ricketts, from Norfolk to Copenhagen, July 1972. No
Shea Mark June 1970 To November 1973 G GMG3 No US No
sheets mark June 1977 To May 1981 G GMG3 No US No
Sheridan Thomas Jun 1980 To Aug 1981 CO CDR No US what a fabulous crew No
Shield Albert June 64 To Dec 65 ET ETRSN Yes United Kingdom They could be incriminating and I don't want Bill Kelly getting back at me No
shirey senior howard May 1975 To November 1979 Fox FTMC No US Of five ships and a bit over 14 years of sea duty, the Claude V was my favorite tour. Good ship and a great crew... No
shivers larry August - Year -
- Month - - Year -
m fn No US No
Sike Bradley October 1976 To December 1979 E EMC No US I had a great E Division crew and made Chief thanks to them. Captain King was the best. I made my first Med cruise and is was outstanding. Yes
Simmons Ronald May 1979 To April 1983 B BT3 No US The Ricketts is something I will never forget. The good times and the hard work. Probably more hard work than good times. If you know what I mean. Like back to back North Atlantic cruises. :) No
skrivanek frank June 1966 To March 1968 OI RD3 No US No
Slack Carl Sept 1963 To Sept 1968 2nd FTM1 Yes US Served five years on DDG 5 and five years on DEG 5. Ten years of my navy career. Both 5's were great ship. I feel that a lot of my success in the navy was because of my tour on The Big Nickel. Advanced 11 paygrades in the navy. Yes
Smith Mark March 1983 To October 1987 OI EW3 No US It was an experience I will never forget. I met a group of outstanding sailors and people. I enjoyed my time aboard doing a job that I liked and became good at. I loved all of the travel and the different countries we visited. I became a shellback aboard this ship. No
Smith Mark June 1982 To June 1984 AS GMT1 No US No
Smith Tanis June 1968 To September 1971 B BT 3 No US Came on board shortly after CVR returned from Med cruse. Was assigned to the forward fire room. I remember working with Mike Dolan on the ACC systems both in the fire room along with the repair shack. I also worked closely with ED Wilson in the oil king and water king shack. Just before leaving the Ricketts I worked with the 3M privative maintenance system. No
Smith Brooke August 1970 To August 1972 OI OS3 No US No
Smith Gary June 1966 To October 1968 B BTFN No US Yes
Sneed Dewey June 1977 To June 1980 1st sn No US I had a great time onboard the ricketts.I went alot of places and seen alot of what has made me who i am today.I would realy enjoy meeting up with fellow shipmates. Please call or text anytime . No
Snouffer Robert - Month - 1987 To - Month - 1988 Fox GMM3 No US No
Snowdon James Nov 1974 To April 1977 oc rm3 No US The Belknap was the worst, droping the load off the coast of greece was bad.. But listening the Capt Powers play that damm harmonica... Made A life long friend RMSA Freddie Hamm.. I Have lots of photos of those days... No
Snyder John August 1972 To June 1974 ON/OC SM3 No US Interesting times. Interesting people. Interesting ports for a city kid from Philly. As the years go by the memories become richer and the telling of sea stories more glorious. No
Spickler Rich March 1976 To June 1979 Weapons FTM2 No US Have many fond memories, and seem to have forgotten any bad ones. The South American Cruise was probably the most fun. Probably because we crossed the equator the second time in 2 years. Much more fun the second time than the first. I felt sorry No
Stahl Thomas August 1982 To September 1985 E IC3 No US No
Starr Kevin March 1987 To April 1990 M MM3 No US No
Stavers David December 1968 To May 1972 Operations RM2 No US No
Steen John January 1984 To October 1986 S1 SK3 No US Very fun! Unitas 85 was the best cruise of my career. No
Steer Richard - Month - - Year - To October 1977 M MM2 No US No
Stehley Stephen January 1974 To August 1977 B Bt2 No US No
Steil Alan Nov 1965 To Dec 1967 m mm3 No US Mustered the Mixed manned crew off.Spent 6 mos in shippyard followed by a Med cruise and some short term stuff in between. Overall a great experience. No
steinhorst lester January 1968 To April 1968 b seaman No US a great time in the "med" No
stephens barry Oct 1983 To Nov 1986 Fox FC2 No US First duty station after schools. Fond memories! No
Sterner Chris Jul 1963 To Jun 1964 OC RM3 No US This was my first duty station. Great Med. cruise. Lucky to have my brother on board. No
Steurer George August 1974 To September 1975 FOX FTCS No US I served on board as the Senior Enlisted Advisor under Captain Powers during my last year prior to my retirement. No
Stidham Danny July 1974 To August 1976 M MM2 No US participant of the USS Belknap/Kennedy collission....need record info No
Stottlemyer Rex October 1980 To April 1984 OC RM1 No US Great ship and great crew. B-T-B SNFL cruises in 1981, followed by NNSY, GTMO, and then to the MED and off the coast of Beirut. No
Stovall Don Febuary 1983 To May 1986 Oc Rm3 No US No
Straub Mark September 1980 To January 1984 B BT3 No US Mostly a great learning experience for such a young man.Seen many exciting countries and met some great people.There is some things I regret and wish I was more mature to handle things.I wouldn't trade the good times,sites and knowledge from a grea No
Straub John December 1983 To April 1989 B BT2 No US Everyone knows me by "Chris", really had an overall great time onboard, met some great shipmates, and seen amazing sights around the world, even became a SHELLBACK in 85. No
Strom Dan Jun 67 To Nov 68 s sk3 No US An expierence you don't appreciate until years later. No
sturm craig May 1962 To October 1964 E EN2 Yes US Some of the fondest memories of my life, with the greatest guys on this earth! No
Suchocki Thomas Febuary 1962 To December 1966 B BT1 Yes US Best THING happened to me was being on this ship and all the good shipmates I had. This tour of duty was the best I had my entire Navy career Yes
Svoboda Dennis November 1975 To August 1980 Fox GMM2 No US I came onboard just after CVR returned from the Med cruise that the Belknap incident happened. Many good memories. I have to agree with Rich Spickler. The South American cruise was great. I remember body surfing in Rio! No
Sweeney Tom November 1979 To June 1982 OI OS3 No US I have many memories from the gulf to our Nato cruises. Prouded to have served with so many fine sailors. My kids get a kick out of my cruise book pictures etc No
swingle john May 1981 To May 1984 1st,med sn No US First ship of my 21 yr career--saw her in Portsmouth Va in dry dock after returning from the 1st Gulf War-- on her way out. Great memories, great crew. No
Tarver Hazie September 1988 To October 1989 OC RM2 No US I was a member of the Decom crew. No
Taylor Eric - Month - 1985 To - Month - 1985 Eng FA No US No
Terlouw Michael ??? 1974 To ??? 1978 Navigation YN3 No US Onboard Ricketts from 74-78 and have never worked with better people anywhere since. Played in CVR band with FTM2 Morin,SK2 Swimp, etc. Can't forget Belknap, Wimmer's jokes, or Shellback initiation. Wish I'd been more squared away in those days, bu No
Tessier Robert August 1985 To Febuary 1987 1st SN No US No
Teters Gary July 1972 To May 1974 OE ETN2 No US No
Theuret Gene May 1962 To July 1964 OC SM2 No US I'm a plank owner. I had a great time serving abord the USS Biddle... We had a great crew both enlisted and officers. No
Thomka Charles December 1966 To June 1967 E ET3 No US The one thing I REALLY remember is the "Azores Oil Spill" we (the shipboard oil people) created by accidently pushing the oil we were taking on while tied up at the pier, overnight, and pumping it directly into the bay at the same time. The next 36 hours we did a whole lot of cleanup. What a mess! A blackeye definitely for the captain, and the people involved. But, at least, the crew got new clothes out of it, to replace what we used during the cleanup. No
Thompson Michael ??? 1974 To ??? 1976 E EM3 No US Was aboard 74 to 76 for 2 med cruises, gitmo and dry dock in the shipyards. Was on board during the Belknap rescue,a night I will never forget. No
Thompson Robert January 1973 To October 1976 E IC2 No US I was on board for 2 med cruses, a Gitmo, the Portsmouth shipyard. Was onboard for the Belknap incident(what a night!) No
Thurlby Rodney June 1967 To June 1971 BT3 BT3 No US Yes
Timm Danny Nov 1965 To April 1968 OI RD2 No US No
Titus Joe August 1965 To November 1968 Fox SN No US Enjoyed my time on the ship No
December 1979
bt bt1 No US I was of the privlaged that went to Mombasa twice we had almost complete crew change over which was pretty cool even though I was on restriction the whole time there for putty a bottle wiskey in my standup locker for one of my buddies which really sucked but when we left port I had more pot than anyone was getting from garbage scowl but really wanted to go golfing as gain there and of course the Florida club LOL THAT PLACE IS WORLD FAMOUS SERIOUS and of course Pakistan then the shit hit the fan and we were off the coast of Iran up till 4 off is got heliod off went to Bahrain flew civilian strip everything military off us and flew to new York I think alsup and 2 others forget but the party was on in n.y. Nervous going thru customs in ny but they just military yes sir go on thru little did No
Tolman Richaed January 1971 To March 1975 Fox FTM2 No US YeeeeHaw! No
Tomlinson Gary May 1962 To September 1963 oc Rm2 No US No
Toye William August 1965 To August 1968 E IC3 No US No
Trawick Benton May 1987 To October 1989 A,E,R, OI LT No US No
Truchanowicz Edward Oct 1965 To Oct 1967 B BT2 No US Yes
Tuck Michael October 1975 To June 1980 OC SM2 No US 3 Meds during 5 year tour. Rescue ship for USS Belknap (CG-26) after its collision with the USS Kennedy (CV-67). Went to Persian Gulf right after Iranian Hostage Crisis for intel and air protection. Did our overhaul at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. No
Turner Richard January 1977 To January 1979 G FTG1 No US No
Turner Dave July 1978 To January 1981 OC RMC No US No
Turner William September 1965 To September 1968 E BT2 No US Yes
Turner Richard ??? 1981 To ??? 1985 E EM1 No US Loved the ship Great crew-always wanted Blue Nose---got it thanks to all that served on her. No
Turrell Brian June 1964 To Dec 1965 E MMC Yes United Kingdom A unique experience that very few navy men will experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It taught me that navy men the world over have very much in common. No
Tyack Bill Jan 1975 To Sept 1977 B BT2 No US No
Tzikakis George July 1964 To December 1964 E EM1 Yes Greece I had a wonderful time and good experience too . My best wishes to all crew members. No
Van Pamel Joe September 1980 To June 1985 B BT2 No US spent almost five years on Biddle in fwd. fireroom. met lots of good people and made alot of good friends. that was the best part. No
vance jimmie October 1983
April 1984
AER EM2 No US not sure about dates. have to dig out my cruise book. fighting the va cuz they say my service record doesnt reflect we were in granada and beruit 83-84. any suggestions appreciated, turn to you mutts! No
Vanderbilt Gilbert July 1966 To March 1967 Deckforce SN No US Served on the deckforce ended up as a Hospital Corpsman Stricker.Left and went to Hospital Corpsman School. Went on to serve at Navy Hospital on Long Island. After six months went to serve on USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) over in VietNam. I separated and continued with the reserves. I eventually retired from the US Army as a SFC Medical Platoon Sgt. No
Varichak Mike October 1985 To December 1988 B BT3 No US Had good times while in port.. not so good times while at sea! :) No
Vloyanetes John April 1980 To June 1983 OI OS2 No US No
Walker Billy June 1980 To May 1982 OP HMC No US Served with three other Walkers (2 Chiefs, and 1 2nd Class), whose ratings were BTC,Senior Chief (MR),do not remember 2nd Class' rating, Cmdr Sheridan was the CO at that time. We did back-to-back NATO cruises due to the relieving ship, Richard L. Page, breakdown. Retired in 1982 while ship was at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard undergoing normal scheduled repairs. No
Walker Jeffery September 1986 To March 1989 Admin PN3 No US No
Wallace Tom Jan 1975 To July 1976 E MM3 No US Didn't know how great I had it. No
Walton Matthew October 1981 To November 1984 OS DIVISION RM2 No US Toured on the CVR 1981 -1984, my memories are forever etched in my mind and, the friendships made will never be forgotten. Would be nice to find my friend and shipmates RM3 Paul Ouellette, who served with us! I served from November 1981 to November 1984 with some of the finest individual's I'd ever met, since or before. I miss them all and think of them often, I truly wish every one of you the very best!! It was a trip, to say the least : ) Matt Walton, RM2 (One of the 'Med Head's) No
walton willie January 1971 To October 1974 1st sn No US No
Warren Tom October - Year -
- Month - - Year -
1st 76135 No US No
Weber Richard jan 1968 To jan 1970 radio pc3 No US Was postal clerk on board from Jan 68 to jan 70. Was in radio division and was good shipmate with RM2 Charles King who I email with currently. Had great time on MED cruise and the NATO gathering of the different ships of all countries in England. No
Welch John August 1977 To November 1979 OI EW2 No US No
Weldon Jeffrey Febuary 1982 To Febuary 1984 OI OS2 No US No
Wellbrock Eckhard Jun 1964 To Dec 1965 N QM2 Yes Germany No
Westbrook shawn March 1986 To September 1989 1st bm2 No US No
Whitaker Billie May 1962 To November 1964 OC SM3 Yes US I went to Newport, RI for precom school, then to Philadelpia and went aboard the Biddle. Started out on 1st div., in charge of the boatsman locker, how borning. Next to the signal bridge with a great bunch of guys. I think about those days quite of No
Widtfeldt Mark March 1975 To June 1978 R HT2 No US No
Williams Howard Oct 1965 To Apr 1968 OI RD2 No US Great memories of a great group of sailors. Can be contacted @ No
Williams Steve September 1980 To Febuary 1982 E BTFN No US No
Willson jr Edward - Month - 1968 To - Month - 1971 B BT3 No US l worked in the fw fireroom then was oil and waterking No
wilson ronnie September 1964 To September 1st sn Yes US I enjoyed the mixed man cruise. I reenlisted to have another good cruise,and got a mine sweeper out of Charleston, S.C. No
Wimmer John June 1975 To August 1979 B BT2 No US I was there November of 1975 to put out the Belknap. Well ... actually, I was in the Aft Boiler Room at the time, but managed to get to the mess deck in time to see some of the men brought over from the fire. It was pretty terrible. No
Wise Wayde ??? 1962 To ??? 1964 Boilerman BT3 No US Went to precom school in Rhode Island.Went on the shakedown cruse.Was in the cuban blockaid. Did a mediteranian cruse.Was in the aft boiler room.Was stationed out of Norfolk Va. No
Witten Charles May 1985 To August 1987 Weapons Officer LT No US 18month tour ended up being 15months with TWO successful annual NTPIs! No
Woebkenberg Thomas Oct 1963 To Nov 1965 Fox FTM2 Yes US Unforgettable experience No
Wofford John Sept 1963 To May 1967 1st BM3 Yes US Fresh from boot camp, big, young and kind of stupid, destined to be a Bosun's Mate. Four years, lots of memories/sea stories, fading with time. No
Wolters Thomas July 1967 To May 1968 E ETN3 No US My time on the CVR was some of the best I experienced during my 4 years of active service. I worked with a great crew and made some good friends. I wouldn't trade any of those memories for anything. The Med. cruise of '68 is a memory I treasure and share with my family. No
Wooley Charles January 1971 To July 1971 O C RM3 No US Some great guys. High points: Never will forget the Kithira Anchorage harassment on July 12, 1971. It was great! I think that the message from Soviet ship was ?Your maneuvering is too close to be polite. Off with you?. New Captain made it happen. Enjoyed winning a chess game against the Commodore's staff officer that had beat him. Remember winning the pot in a poker game. I kept getting winning hands - not because of my skill. It was real easy. I never played again, because it would be that easy to lose. Enjoyed Athens! On leave Jan. 15th, 1st child was born Jan. 16th, back to ship the 25th, and we sailed on the 29th. Think we were were delayed 1 day due to bad weather. No
Wuttke Dieter May 1964 To Dec 1965 B FN Yes Germany No
Wyatt Leroy Feb 1962 To March 1964 E Em 3 No US If you know who I am ,you know what I did! No
wyatt leroy - Month - - Year - To - Month - - Year - e em3 No US I was on ship February of 1962 to march of 1964. No
Yates David Oct 84 To Aug 87 M MM3 No US Unitas '85 No
yeastedt freddie June 1980 To September 1982 e po 2 No US s.n.f.atlantic 1981. No
Yount Thomas January 1981 To July 1983 R BT3 No US No
Zacofsky Walter June 1982 To September 1985 A Gang EN3 No US It was one of my hardest, but most memorable sea tour. Made the rest of my career seem like a cake walk, the best crew also which made the time go by quicker. Beirut definitely helped with what we were doing, and bad to the bone theme song said it all! No
Zandstra Randall Oct 1971 To June 1974 OI RD2 No US Great ship, had a great time on the North Atlantic cruise, No
Zapp Dieter July 1964 To December 1965 Fox FTM2 Yes US No
Zawistowski William January 1983
January 1986
Fox FTMC No US Hello Shipmates. Some of the best times I've had in the Navy were aboard the CVR. I liked it so much I came back twice. I almost made it a third time but my buddy Mike took the orders ahead of me. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old shipmates and meeting some new ones. No
Zimmer Alan July 1966 To June 1968 1st YN3 No US Two great Med cruises. Enjoyed revisiting some of the ports with my wife years later. Great camaraderie the entire two years on board. I enjoy showing friends pictures of the ship rolling in bad seas and fortunately being able to boast not getting seasick. No
Zukowski Thomas May 1962 To Nov 1964 1st SN Yes US I had a great time on and off the ship with a great bunch of guys.Things made a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life and still have Chuck Ketteringham as a long time shipmate. Yes
The Crews of DDG-5
USS Biddle (5/5/62 - 7/28/64)
USS Claude V. Ricketts (7/28/64 - 10/31/89)

Below are the names of the men that, together, made up the crews of the USS Biddle and USS Claude V. Ricketts during her 27 year career.  The names below represent those who have registered on this site and do no comprise the whole of the men who served on board the DDG-5 during her career.  It is estimated that at least 4000 men served on board the DDG-5 during her lifetime.  If you were a crew member of either the Biddle or the Ricketts and you have not yet done so, you can register here.
(To edit your information or to email another shipmate, make sure you are logged in on The Big Nickel home page. Return here and click on your name to edit your informaiton or on the name of another shipmate to email him.  Note that some shipmate's email addresses are missing or not current and the email will "bounce" back to you with an indication that it was undeliverable.)