Retirement/Discharge DateDecember 1979
Tour 1 DatesJuly 1976 - January 1977
Tour 1 Rank/Ratesm3 and bt3
Tour 1 Divisiondeck div
Tour 2 DatesAugust 1977 - April 1978
Tour 2 Rank/Ratebt3
Tour 2 Divisionsm3 and bt3
Tour 3 DatesMarch 1979 - December 1979
Tour 3 Rank/Ratebt1
Tour 3 Divisionbt
NATO Mixed Manned CrewNo
CommentI was of the privlaged that went to Mombasa twice we had almost complete crew change over which was pretty cool even though I was on restriction the whole time there for putty a bottle wiskey in my standup locker for one of my buddies which really sucked but when we left port I had more pot than anyone was getting from garbage scowl but really wanted to go golfing as gain there and of course the Florida club LOL THAT PLACE IS WORLD FAMOUS SERIOUS and of course Pakistan then the shit hit the fan and we were off the coast of Iran up till 4 off is got heliod off went to Bahrain flew civilian strip everything military off us and flew to new York I think alsup and 2 others forget but the party was on in n.y. Nervous going thru customs in ny but they just military yes sir go on thru little did

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The Crews of DDG-5
USS Biddle (5/5/62 - 7/28/64)
USS Claude V. Ricketts (7/28/64 - 10/31/89)

Below are the names of the men that, together, made up the crews of the USS Biddle and USS Claude V. Ricketts during her 27 year career.  The names below represent those who have registered on this site and do no comprise the whole of the men who served on board the DDG-5 during her career.  It is estimated that at least 4000 men served on board the DDG-5 during her lifetime.  If you were a crew member of either the Biddle or the Ricketts and you have not yet done so, you can register here.
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