NameRichard Kelbaugh
Retirement/Discharge DateJuly 1975
Tour 1 DatesSept 1970 - July 1972
Tour 1 Rank/RateLT
Tour 1 DivisionE
NATO Mixed Manned CrewNo
Comment1200 PSI Steam plants were the worst of propulsion plants. The "Black Gang" that worked one of these plants earned their stripes big time. The Mediterranean Cruise was a highlight of these two years. Losing a Master Chief overboard was the low.

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The Crews of DDG-5
USS Biddle (5/5/62 - 7/28/64)
USS Claude V. Ricketts (7/28/64 - 10/31/89)

Below are the names of the men that, together, made up the crews of the USS Biddle and USS Claude V. Ricketts during her 27 year career.  The names below represent those who have registered on this site and do no comprise the whole of the men who served on board the DDG-5 during her career.  It is estimated that at least 4000 men served on board the DDG-5 during her lifetime.  If you were a crew member of either the Biddle or the Ricketts and you have not yet done so, you can register here.
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