Crew Family Members Who Have Gone Before Us

Mary Kay Comar, wife of FTM1 Donald R. Comar - 2001

Steven Dodgion, son of Carl Dodgion - 2006

Virginia Morgan, 1st wife of Will Morgan - November, 2002
Naomi Morgan, 2nd wife of Will Morgan - July, 2009

Dorothy Fox, wife of RM1 Allan Fox - 2007

Sandy Ivins, wife of EWC Robert Ivins - April 8, 1990  Sandy was involved with the wives club and the Hampton Roads Advisory Council for the CVR.

Willie Slack, son of Carl Slack - November 28, 2009

    Kathleen Truchanowicz, wife of Edward Truchanowicz (BT3, 1965 - 1967) - December 18, 2006

Betty Jones, wife of Michael Jones (GMG1, 1965 - 1968) - March 1, 2013.  You can view her obituary here.

Geraldine Rosetta (Ritenour) Click, mother of Rodney Click (FTGC, 1983 - 1985) - April 3, 2015.  You may view her obituary here.

James B. Ricketts, son of Admiral Claude V. Ricketts - March 23, 2016.  You can view his obituary here and here.

Judith Ann Dawson Richley, wife of
OSC William Jackson Richley (1984 - 1987) - May 29, 2016.  You can view her obituary here.

Leah Ray Mueske, wife of BMC Stanley D. Mueske (1980 - 1981) - August 15, 2019.  You can veiw her obituary here.

I try to keep this list updated at all times.  If you know of a fellow shipmate that has passed away and is not on the list, please contact us about it so we can get their name on the honor roll. Also, if there are misspellings let me know.