The Big Nickel Site Updates
for 2022

10 May 2022:
  • Updated the Forum software the version 2.1.2 which fixes several things (that you probably don't see or are aware of).
08 May 2022:
  • Updated EMC Bradley Sike taps information with a link to his obituary.
18 April 2022:
  • Sadly added EMC Bradley Sike to the Crew Taps List. (This information will be updated as further information becomes available).
09 March 2022:
  • Updated the Forum Software to the latest and greatest (version 2.1.1). So far testing has shown no problems, but if you end up having any problems, don't hesitate to let me know:
29 January 2022:
  • Sadly added MM1 Stephen Gosnell to the Crew Taps List.
28 January 2022:
  • I've just published the latest Big Nickel Newsletter, Volume 26, February 2022. You can access it here.
  • If you've noticed some differences in some of the buttons on the home port page, it's because I've had to change the software package I used to generate them. The package I used to use no longer works with the current Windows 11 OS I'm using and the supplier no longer supports it. Something broke in one of the last couple of OS updates I did. Anyway, the buttons still work the same way, they just look a bit different.
25 January 2022:
  • Making changes to various Buttons throughout the site due to having to change my button maker software since the software I was using is no longer being maintained and from me updating my Windows OS to Windows 11 (bleeding edge) no longer works. I'm still playing with things and learning a new tool to be paitient.