The Big Nickel Site Updates
for 2019

13 February, 2019
  • Added the 1975-1976 Med Cruise Book (Courtesy of EN3 Jerry Carauna (73-76)) to the Cruise Books page.
03 January, 2019
I have had to upgrade the PHP version on my server from 5.6 to 7.1, as version 5.6 has been deprecated and is no longer supported, unless I want to pay a monthly fee, which I'm not prepared to do.  If you're interested in what the effect of PHP is on the site, you can go here to read all about it.

29 December, 2018
  • In an attempt to make the newsletter more adaptable to the Non-US/British MMD shipmates, I have translated (I hope) the latest newsletter into German, Greek, Italian, The Netherlands, and Turkish.  Let me know if you are a Non-US/British shipmate if there errors in your particular translation.  I used MS Word translator so not sure how well things translated.