Please take the time to read all of this!
It is important!

Logging In/Retrieving Your Password
Logging in will allow you to edit your registered information and contact other shipmates who have registered on the site via The Crew page.  If you have previously registered on the website and don't remember your username and/or password, just click the "Forgot your password?" link.  Enter the email address you used when you registered and an email will be sent to that address containing your username and a link to change/update your password.

If you have changed your email since you registered, you'll have to contact me and I will have to update your email address.  Once I've done that, I'll notify you and then you can click the "Forgot your password?" and then reset your password.

If you would like to change your username, you will need to contact me with your desired username.  You can change your Forum displayed name (the name that others will see), but not your username.

Updating Your Registered Information
To access your information after logging in, go to the Crew Roster page (the list of shipmates that have registered on the site) find your name and click on it.  You will be taken to your information edit page.  You will notice that I've added some things such as allowing you to indicate up to 3 tours of duty on board the Biddle/Ricketts and a checklist of other DDG-2 class ships you may have served on during your career.  Please take some time to look over your personal information and update it or fill in those areas that weren't available in earlier versions of the registration form.

Contacting A Shipmate
You will also notice that I've updated the Crew Roster.  You can now do a column sort by clicking on the column header.  Clicking on a shipmates name will bring up "detailed" information about that shipmate, specificially information about additional on board tours and other DDG-2 class ships he may have served on.

If you are logged in, you will notice an "Email this shipmate" link at the top of the detail information.  Clicking this will bring up an email form with which you can send the shipmate an email.  (Again, this can take up to a minute to complete the send).

Notice!  No personal information, including your email address, will ever be displayed in any form unless you indicate otherwise.

Other Issues
There may also be some who registered for the Forum, but didn't fill out the site registration form before I caught this problem and fixed it.  If you are not listed in the Crew Roster but are registered in the Forum, please contact meDo not attempt to fill in the information on the registration page!

Notice!  Some of you appear to have changed your email address since you registered or never entered one to begin with.  If you either don't see your name in the Crew Roster or see an alert indicating no username is associated with the entered address when following the "Forgot your password" link, please contact me so that we can resolve the situation.